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  1. I am selling a set of VB pricking irons 9spi. 10tooth and 2 tooth. Retail for $250 selling for $205 shipped in the US. Always used on safe work surface. Perfect working condition. I have switched to 10spi for all my smaller goods so no longer need these. thanks
  2. Can you link me to any of these leathers through taobao? Nothing is coming up when I do a search thank you
  3. They showed up on my original post on my end but after refreshing they were gone
  4. Figured out how to fit images in here finally! brown and moss leather 10 spi moss linen thread mixed edge paints to make a moss color that I was happy with. About 4-5 coats total with sanding used amy roke iron
  5. Yellow and Taupe Bifold. Was a custom order. 10spi linen thread beige/taupe edges Goat leather Pictures were too large to post in the thread so I linked down below. http://imgur.com/a/lsJ1W
  6. Hidehouse has sent me sample swatches before and they had pretty much ever color you could imagine in multiple types of leather. https://hidehouse.com/products/index.html?Category=HBAG&Product_ID=353 Also you can get calfskin in a pretty wide variety of colors. Is there a certain type of leather in particular you are looking to work with? Who is the bag maker that has the leather you like and I can probably point you in the direction of something very similar.
  7. Yes I have ordered from them a few times. Jerome usually responds fairly quickly but there was one time during a order where he took over a week or so. I think a lot of it depends on how many trade shows are going on and how busy he is. There really isn't a minimum but he has recommended buying around 8 skins or more since shipping to the US for a skin or 2 wouldn't be very cost effective.
  8. I have done 11spi. Not sure I would even want to attempt 12
  9. Yes the $6 dollar shipping is awesome. Especially for contact cement which normally has very high shipping rates.
  10. Awesome. Have ordered from you a few times. What is the benefit of ordering the "mixing black" compared to ordering just the black which could be used on its own or mixed. thanks
  11. Oh yeah that is the same. Thanks for the link. It looks like a few people asked about it in that thread and he hasn't gotten back yet. Also assuming its the same one in his pictures the cutting area looks bigger than I thought based on the Elfita pictures. Couldn't find the exact dimensions
  12. Im assuming the weaver hand operated press is heavier duty and the Lucris as well but for 1/4th the price I was wondering if anyone has used this. I make mostly small items at the moment so this seems like it could do the job. Would love to hear any feedback from someone who has tried this machine.
  13. I pierce it the same way you described for the tiger thread, sometimes twice. Its not as easy to pierce because of the round profile but the process is the same.
  14. Haven't done any piping yet. Did you put some type of wire or tube in between the leather for it or just folded the piece of leather on its own. Lookin good
  15. thanks. Lekoza who posts on these forums sells some calfskin and the goat I got direct from Alran. Fineleatherworking also sells goat and a few other leathers
  16. Tried a different design for this bifold. -Pockets are a bit narrower -triple stitched at a few stress points. Is it possible to only do 2 somehow? stitching alone the line than backstitched one and than back the other direction for a total of 3, think 2 would look better but don't think its possible unless starting with new thread -shorter front bill pocket -6 card slots, 2 hidden pockets -10spi, linen thread
  17. I cast the stitch and don't cast the stitch depending on the leather and if the back is visible. If the leather is too thin casting the thread will make the front look straight and there isn't much you can do about it in my experience. Its a bit complicated because some thinner leathers will still slant both sides if the temper is very firm. You just have to experiment with the different types Basically anything over 6oz in total thickness slants on both sides. 3-6 depends on the leather, and below 3 rarely slants on both sides.
  18. I know there is a learning curve but is it as difficult as some say? Some of the videos on youtube make it look pretty straight forward. Do you know the differences between the machines cobra steve has and the con sew s3-s4? Also interested in using it to split leather for certain projects, you can skive 2 edges on each side correct? so a piece the total of 4 inches across could be fully skived down from what Im understanding. Is there anyway to reach the center on something larger than 4 inches? thanks
  19. Thinking about investing in a skiving machine and can't find the difference between the two models online. I see a few decent deals on the s4 but wondering if it is a older or inferior model? Also was thinking about ordering a cobra skiver because some people have discussed the customer service they provide and often mention the crazy learning curve with operating a skiver. Is it really that difficult? difference between these 2 machines and the cobra? Any other info would be greatly appreciated. thank you
  20. Just came across this thread. Thinking about buying a skiver but Im reading horror stories about how hard they are to use. Do you still have it? worth it? any other observations? thanks
  21. Have the brown paint from you and really like it. Looking forward to more colors though like you mentioned.
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