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  1. Hi Tpc, it's a 3 oz. vegtan and yes I dyed it using a mixture of oil dye and neatsfoot.
  2. Have been busy with bagmaking lately and can't seem to stop hehehe. Made this bag from 3oz vegtan and duck canvas lining. Most parts machine stitched and some hand stitched. Mixed oil dye and neatsfoot oil and finished with leather balm. Will try some other finishes for it. Been experimenting a lot.
  3. Thank you all for the replies and the recommendations. Just as shoepatcher wrote, I might just have to get two machines. I'll have to check these two machines out in person and see. I also was looking at the Juki 1181N and saw that it's a walking foot, I might check this too.
  4. Thanks, and the punch is just a tad big so you can see through it
  5. Hello all, I'm not quite sure where to post this since the machine in question is not quite for leather. What kind of machine would you recommend mainly to be used on fabrics (bag lining etc.) and the occasional lighter leather? My wife just recently bugged me into making tote bags and make-up pouches using fabrics and accent it with leather and so I'd like to find a machine that would be just for those types of materials so I don't keep changing my settings on my other machines. The fabrics would range from thin (think designer handbag lining to thicker outdoor fabrics) it would be great if I can use it to sew in lighter leather. I'm also going to be using this for volume production so it needs to be sturdy enough for that. Budget is about 2K, I'm getting confused just wading through all the machines. Thanks!
  6. Hi ByNelson, Thanks and I machine stitch using a Cowboy CB-4500 and an Artisan 335
  7. Hey Gals and Guys, Haven't visited the site for quite some time and just want to show off some of the stuff that I have been busy with. Mainly Dog Collars and Belts. Dog Collars Veg Tan and Latigo (stitched with the Cowboy CB-4500 using 138 thread) Belt (Combination designer leather and veg tan stitched with an Artisan 335 using 92 thread) A couple of belts made for a customer ( both stitched on CB-4500)
  8. The head is attached via 4 screws to the base, it's easy to take off and much lighter to transport. I do however just lift the whole setup minus the spool holder so I don't have to bother taking off the belt and assembling it when I go on location. It has a really small footprint and I can load it in my Prius C hatchback with the rear seat down. I'm thinking of getting the binder attachment either tomorrow or Monday in Artisan ( I live about 20 minutes away from Artisan)
  9. I have the portable version and I love it. Been using it for about 2 weeks now and making 1/8" laminated belts, wallets and started making some handbags with it. The only reason why I chose the BT is because I don't have a lot of space in my garage. I have a CB4500 on a pedestal stand and the regular 335 comes either with U table or the pedestal. It's easy to move around, it is quite substantial at 86 lbs. but very doable. I use 138 thread and a 22 needle most of the time so I can't comment on how it performs with thinner thread. The top thread goes up to 207 and the bobbin maxes at 138. I like the fact that it has the binder mechanism and I think I'm at a point where I need to get the folder for it. It doesn't have a lot of punching power though if your leather is too dry, the most that I tested it with as far as thickness goes is 1/4", it maxes out at 1/2" thickness but I've only tried it on softer garment/upholstery leather. Bobbin capacity is adequate, I can stitch at least (3) 40" belts with it before reload and they give you 4 bobbins. If you buy this and set it up the way that I set it up, make sure to clamp down the platform to your table.
  10. I like this idea! I would most likely do the cut out closer to the edge of the table and have another leg support behind the machine. I'm building my workshop at the moment and size is the issue in my lot so I can only go as big as 200 sq. ft. and incorporating the machine in the work table would maximize my space.
  11. It handles 207 top pretty well and the bobbin can only go up to 138
  12. Yes the BT is not light, about 86 lbs. But one can actually pick it up and move it on a short distance ( I did from my car to my garage) From what I heard from Artisan, it's mainly bought by people that do repairs on site. Artisan can actually BT pretty much all the cylinder arm machines, and I've seen the TORO 3200 portable setup up close, tried lifting it up and sure as hell heavy and would need another set of hands.
  13. Hi, Also a newbie.... literally a newbie on leather sewing machines. I can't comment on the Cobra 18 (although I was also considering it at one point) I bought the 335 BT due to the fact that I don't have a lot of space for the U table or the pedestal and Artisan is only 20 minutes away from my place. I have a Cowboy CB4500 for my really thick stuff but for thinner materials (kip lining, pig skin, wallets) the 335 is a nice machine. The BT is a bit cheaper and I just set it up on my worktable and clamp it down. I believe the parts are interchangeable with the old Pfaff 335 that it's based on. Good luck on the search. FYI, if you do call Artisan and speak with Jerry...don't mention this forum, he'll go on a tirade about this and that LOL!!!
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