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  1. If you cannot center it, i´d go with a shorter rivets. Shorter rivets is less likely to distort as much, even if you are pressing in an angle.
  2. I have not tried these, but looking at a low end one myself. Here toy can read up on a few more models. https://workonleather.com/collections/stamping-machine Thing is, it´s probably a random chance tbh. My own antique ambosser is basically 80 kg of metal and a heat wire.. Not much that can break. These are a bit more flimsy...but i do actually think they may survive quite well. I would say, keep your prints to a lesser size, and you will probably manage. I´d say a max size of 5X5 cm or so.
  3. Appreciate the tip =) Will look into it. I already have one press, but i need another in my current coming workshop due to covid. The one i have weighs in at around 80 KG, so nothing to grab in a haste.
  4. Hi all. In short, i was looking around online for Hot Foil Stamping Machines, and i came across this. https://workonleather.com/collections/stamping-machine Anyone have any experience with these, or knowledge on what sort of quality one can expect to get? I know it´s no high end equipment, but for anyone with limited budget and not an everyday need for it, could these be a good purchase? Best Regards Johan
  5. Yes!!! Thank you =D Been looking all over. Much appreciated!
  6. I know i have seen it before, but cannot find it any more. It was a Swivel knife but with several razor-blades side by side for cutting " hairs " into leather. Used for making leather feathers and to make the individual feather fibers so to say. Anyone know of where to get one of those?
  7. Then that´s the tool you use. At least as i see it from your pic. Could also be this one as it works on a broader surface.
  8. Any version of these? Or do you mean bevels it at the same time?
  9. Awesome! I like the look of it as well since it´s no plastic. Question. Can you use it as the Tandy plastic one as well? I mean to make leather cord from a round piece starting from a center hole?
  10. It may just be lead in anything we buy in the end, but as soon as one reads a limit value, one start to think and the research nerves tingle. Tnx for the link.
  11. Rein rounder ity was called. I call it lace maker in Sweden but i hope it makes sense anyways. Adding a pic. 9323_-_Randall_15_hole_rein_rounder__450 (1).jfif
  12. I thought that was the Australian Strander O_o
  13. Kudos for the info! Il be trying out the Strander one i feel. If it´s not what i hope for, il probably go for the old antique one that makes rounded lace, but they too are quite expensive. Oh well... trial and error i suppose. Also, may be different with my veg tanned leather so i´l be sure to take note on it.
  14. I actually found the warning on buckelguys page, so that spurred the question in my mind. Il check ohios page as well and see what can be found. Tnx =)
  15. The Australian Strander. Can you control the thickness of the lace and does it take a lot of thicknesses or preferably only one or two? The plasticy one i have is basically only useful on the biggest size with my Veg tanned leather. I would love to be able to make more sizes than just the one.
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