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  1. After a few mistakes, from not paying attention, here is the first of hopefully lots of wallets of this type.
  2. Good stuff, looking forward to seeing it :-)
  3. Looks good What are you going to put on the roof? It looks to be about a 2:12 or a 3:12 slope, you may have an issue with ice if you use a regular shingle. I work in a roofing supply store, in the sheet metal shop, we get a lot of people with ice damage on the sheds that have used a 3 tab shingle.
  4. Thanks Tom, some days my attention to the details is .................. oh look a squirrel! :-)
  5. Thank you very much for the pattern. I'm looking forward to building one. I've printed it out and, I don't know if I should have done it border-less or not. but it came out looking small so I put a ruler to it. The zippered piece is 6 5/16" X 513/16", and the card piece is 2 1/8" X 3 5/8". I can adjust the size without reprinting, I work in a custom sheet metal shop, I have learned how to adjust on the fly for almost everything I make :-D
  6. It has worked so far, I don''t plan on putting anything heaver than what you see in the photo and a cup of coffee. I will be making a frame and real supports for it in the spring.
  7. So I just removed my old desk two days ago and bought a 4x8 piece of 5/8 MDF board cut to 30x70. It took almost a year to finally make a larger space to work on, but I did it. Next thing I make is a place to hold the granite slab for carving.
  8. Is that from a template or is that a home made design?
  9. I've made some wallets and a bunch of headphone wraps by looking at what was out there and figuring out what I wanted. With the axe sheath, I have seen a lot of knife sheaths that are wet formed and thought I would give it a shot, I have wet formed catch alls in the past and they turned out well. Any and all pointers appreciated.
  10. It's a buzzard, everyone at work calls me that :-D
  11. This is my "shop", yes I use a wooden chair with a block of granite and poundo board underneath to keep the sound down. I do a lot in this small corner of the basement, internet radio, edit photos, and I started getting into steampunk, there is a lot of leather in steampunk.
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