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  1. When I'm doing a search that I want to use two words in such as spirit dye. I plug the words in witha positive sign before each word without any spaces for example +spirit+dye ... This may be common knowledge to most but I didn't know this until I stumbled onto it somewhere. I use to get as pissed off as you sound. Good luck James
  2. I don't see any reason why you wouldn't give the credit for the clips. How does about 5 cents per clip sound? thats fair right? Now the customer can decide how bad they want a credit. What are people thinking? this isn't wal-mart Good luck, James
  3. Since you live in brasil and shipping is high for you to order. I would suggest buying a wall that you like and rob the inner parts for your own build.
  4. I guess I should make it clear that it's $45 to your door in the US (48 states).
  5. I have a new set of the hidecrafter pebble stamps for sale. Number are pa003, pa004, pa005. $45 TYD Let me know, thanks, James
  6. if it were me I would double stitch both flaps crossing over in the center like you already did and then make a new gouge line for the fold. this way it wouldn't look like a mistake in the end. good luck, James
  7. I clicked 9" but I then measured 8.5" , James
  8. walmart has those in the 1" wide and 1.25" wide. uncle mikes brand, James
  9. do you have a good swivel knife? If not barry's is great for the money, also I bought the checkered bevelers in sizes 0, 2, 4 and loved them compared to the craftool. They don't tend to hang like the junk ones. anyhow there my thoughts, James
  10. Well Josh, This may sound a little crazy but are your prices to cheap. Sometimes raising them will help sell handcrafted items simply because some people still believe in the old saying "you get what you pay for". And if your prices are nearly free then they may think your work isn't as good as we all know it is. A bit off hear but I know that if I have something of no use to me but may be good to someone else. I put this Item on the curb with a free sign and it will set there for days but if I put a $20 for sale sign on it, SOLD in minutes. I don't really get this thinking, but its true. Don't know if this helps or not but good luck, James
  11. 2MadJacks

    Strap cutter

    I have used teh wood one for a while and it worked fine on 10 12 oz so im sure you wouldn't have a problem. It seems everything with any leather cutting is--- make sure your tools are sharp. but I bought the old brass/rosewood osborne draw gauge pistol grip style and it is much more comfortable. you can get the cast aluminum pistol grip one for around $30 sometimes less than 20 on ebay. good luck, James http://cgi.ebay.com/Craftool-Professional-...%3A1%7C294%3A50
  12. Wow thanks for sharing. As an Okie I love to hear the history of other Oklahomans, especially the lawmen. Thanks again and you have done very nice work. job well done, James
  13. Hello, has anybody here used the edgers that are made from stainless table knives? Seen them on ebay and was wondering, for the price of $20 thought I might try them out. Wanted your opinions. Thanks James http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-WESTERN-LEATHER-ED...p3286.m20.l1116 Just found where the maker of these posted letting us know about them a year ago. Its mostly him selling in that thread. Was wanting a buyers take
  14. thanks for posting the pics bearman. Thinking I need to try my hand at this now, James
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