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  1. I have the equipment and would be willing to give it a try. Contact me and lets do some samples to see if we can get the results you are looking for. Regards, Cajun
  2. Welcome to the forum. I have been in your country many, many times, I have been all over the island, their are alot of beautiful places and it is just a very short distance to Italy by hydrofoil. You have great food and great people. Best regards, Cajun
  3. I would like a copy also. Thanks Bill
  4. 3M makes a tape that can be used on leather, it will not leave a mark when you pull it off. It is their 811 magic tape and can be bought in just about any stationay store, I use it all the time. Regards. Bill
  5. welcome, I am from Louisiana, but my wife is from Barcelona. Where are you located in Spain? I am very interested in learning some of the Spanish ways of doing leather work. Would you mind sending me your email address? Best personal regards, Bill
  6. cajun

    My Bracelet

    where can you get these clasps?
  7. I have been in the art gallery and custom picture framning business for over 40 years and have instructed people all over the world. If you will send it to me, I will donate the framing. However due to my wife having a massive stroke, we have had to move to the New Orleans area and are now about 175 miles from our former home and all of my mouldings are over their. I should beable to go back their in about a month and I can bring back all of the things I will need to frame this piece for you and I would like to donate that to your charity. Let me know asap as to when the piece will be finished. I would also like a copy of your drawing, I think it is great., Just let me know what you decide. Best regards, Bill PS: It will be framed to conversation standards also.
  8. where can someone get the clasps that you use, I really like that. Thanks Bill
  9. I have dogs and do leatherwork and would be more then happy to test for you. regards, Bill Parrie
  10. I took a sample of this type of thing to the art and picture framing show in Las Vegas a few years ago and talked with some people who sell the hardware to the picture industry and they showed me how it was done. Its really not that expensive to bu the equipment and not that hard to do. At the moment, I forget the name of the company, however the Las Vegas show is in another week or so. If anyone is interested, I can try and find out, who the company is and you can contact them and get all the details. As i remember, their was a special solution that was put on the leather before printing. It did not seem very difficult. Being retire, I was not interested in starting another business. Regards. Bill
  11. I am trying to translate all of the words, that are on those patterns, but I have a wife who has had several strokes and she comes before anything else and seems to take all of my time, today we were in the emergency room from 3am until after dark tonight. However I will send what I have done so far. Remember I donot sew and am giving the translation of the words that I know. The word "cuarson" must have ameaning only to sewing, I have never heard it nor my wife. However my sister in law does alot of sewing and I will ask her tomorrow and post what I find out. Here are the words that I have translated so far: pleza piece pasader pass thru unir join bandolera strap clnta ribbon ferro lining bolsillo pocket forro solapa lining of flap solapa flap custura de forro lining seam tupls opening to put something through entretela between lining and leather (not to be seen from the outside) pleza por cada lado piece for each side trosera back side forro bolsillo trasero lining for back pocket fuele bosillo trasero lining for back pocket rayan bolsillio bellow for the pocket rayan bolsllio scratch pocket extrangular choke trasera the back pasadores pass through delantera front ojo eye corta short forro interior lining interior solapa flap I hope to have time tomorrow to do more, like I say, I do not sew, I am giving a literal translation. Best regards everyone Cajun
  12. I would like a copy of the patterns also, I have lived in Spain and my wife is from Barcelona, maybe we could help with the translation, it may take a little time as my wife has had several strokes and does not move to fast and get tired pretty fast, but she is willing to help. My address is: bparrie@bellsouth.net Thanks,Bill
  13. Do your circles the easy way, go to a custom picture frame shop and most of them have oval / circle cutters and it will cut leather like butter. I use mine all the time to cut circles and ovals. Most frame shops have now gone to computer mat/cutters and nolonger have any use for their old manual ones and will sell them at a good price. I must still have 5 or 6 of these machines and will sell all of them. Regrds, Bill
  14. How do I change my password? Name: Bill UserName: cajun IP Address: Email Address: bparrie@bellsouth.net
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