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  1. Stonegate

    Newb project

    Nice work! What did you use for dye? I really like the color.
  2. Stonegate

    Second business name?

    You could register your new business name as a DBA with your state. Paul’s Leather doing business as (DBA) “Super Fine Handbag Boutique”. DBA registration isn’t usually expensive and would allow you to use your new name as a business name instead of a just a product name. Check with your state for their rules about registering and operating under DBA’s. If your idea becomes successful then you can always formalize it with its own business structure, trademarks, etc.. Good Luck!
  3. Stonegate

    Campaign Chair

    Awesome looking Roorkhee chair. Nice work!
  4. Stonegate

    Useful, easy to use design software - and it's free.

    After you install the software, the first time you start the program there is a box on the right hand side that tells you how to remove that limitation. But the program won’t do this automatically for you. You will have to manually delete the files for the “professional add-on” that are located in the “plugins” folder in the QCAD directory where it was installed on your computer. Sounds harder to do than it actually is. By removing those files the software then becomes the community version.