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  1. This looks like they used the block dying technique, but it looks a little rough.
  2. I remeber him saying something about drilling it out with a small diameter drill bit. thought that might be quick way to getter done.
  3. Anyone know how this is done? I cant get a hold of the maker.
  4. Hey, I see you are into tattooing pinstriping and guitar, awesome! Welcome and enjoy. Any questions just ask. Mike
  5. Oooooo oooooo I was wondering how you got those sweet corners I'm excited, can you tell!!
  6. Hi there kimber, just saw your note thanks for the tip I will give it a try.

  7. Hey Ed, great work, I was wondering do you do mallets as well or just the mauls and what kind of weight are these bad boys? thanks, Mike.
  8. I was hoping to get some ideas where to get these items? I'm going to try a trophy shop on the way home from work today. As for the brass bands yeah I think I understand what you are saying, just bend it over the edge. I'm a little worried they will come off, but then again these are show collars not intended for everyday use. thanks, Mike.
  9. Sasquatch


    Ok so I have a couple of requests from a customer that is asking for some pretty specific additions to her dog collars she has ordered. There are 2 collar and 2 leash sets for the "Gamekeepers Exhibition 2010". 1. She wants plaques that can be engraved, ok simple enough, but they have to be brass or brass coloured. 2. She wants brass bands that clamp around the back of the collar giving it a sort of striped effect. She wants 8 of these on each. Now this is my first customer who likes to change her mind on a daily basis, which makes things super fun!! Not.
  10. That's hard core I know if I saw some guy walking around the campsite with this on, he wouldn't be messin around. Is this all hand stitched?
  11. There was a fellow firefighter on here that was doing helmet shields let me see if I can find that thread. Nope it was suspenders but I think this might help. http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=11598&view=&hl=Firefighter&fromsearch=1
  12. My mom was in town and took me to Tandy just before Christmas, paid for my membership for the year and bought me the maxi and mini punch set. She also threw in a belt for herself, cheeky bag. LOL thats ok she will have to wait until I'm done filling orders, march is her birthday anyway.
  13. I have been at it for about a year now and I figure I have spent about $3,000 on tools and leather. Not bad since I made about $500 in the last month and I do leather part time and hold a full time job. I figure I have made $1500 in the last year and a lot of my time was spent learning a hobby I love.
  14. Thanks everyone for your comments. These were two of my favorite belts so far, and my first time trying knife cuts like these (not sure what to call it?) I found the knife had to be stropped between each cut to prevent any drag on the tight turns.
  15. I love the style and have had a few people ask for distressed looking leather stuff. Nice work
  16. The only thing on there I would change are the bars, but that seat sure looks sweet on there.
  17. That divider is pretty impressive. how much would you sell that bad boy for?
  18. Storm could you refer me to the place you acquired your new backgrounders?
  19. Sharpies are a type of permanent marker they look like this
  20. I did two coats of Fiebings Red but I had to add a little yellow to even out the tone of the red(thanks again Kate), let it dry for 24hrs, then I used a black sharpie to get the edge on the tooling nice and crisp. Then filled in the rest with Fiebings USMC Black. Hope this helps.
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