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  1. Started working on a wallet for a friend. His name is Scott so he asked for the "S" from the Slipknot logo. This was my first go at it. Its funny, when ever I get into a new project I always feel like if I do anything more I will mess it up. So I never want to do to much. but then I turned the tunes up and really got into this one. I was inspired by Tom to go with a black and red theme, so I will post picks when its all done. Now I'm trying to find the courage to dye it...
  2. I use Fiebings Saddle Lac on most of my stuff and I find it works great for bouth waterproofing and has a nice finish.
  3. Great work as usual Tom. I love the way you did the adjustment strap in this piece.
  4. I had just been asked the other day to do a set of coasters, thanks for the inspiration! Kudos for the tip too.
  5. Finished up this collar a while back and never posted This one was a lot of fun and a lot of work with all the stitching. This one is the one I am working on now Thanks for looking and critiques are welcome. Mike
  6. Storm you always do such great work, I always get excited when I see you have posted something new. Mike.
  7. OOOWWWWWWWW OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW Nice seat! I mean saddle, I mean that is a well put together woman... motorcycle. Awww damn, now I've gone and done it!
  8. Hey Tom, I just had a quick peek at your blog, and knowing now that you have only been doing steampunk for a year, the work you do is amazing and creative. I look forward to your posts in the future.
  9. Nice case Spider. I have a few friends that do Taiko Drumming as well, quite the workout.
  10. Made a knife case for a friends B-Day gift. He had seen mine and was super stoked on it so I made him his own.
  11. Thanks for the comments guys. I was thinking of adding a snap to secure it.
  12. Wow excellent work. Love the painted "Potjie" shows depth, cool! And did you day Dutch Oven, Sorry I am only familiar with one type of Dutch Oven and I am afraid it is unpleasant to say the least.
  13. Very cool Spider. You should do a tutorial on the dyeing you did there... P.S. I love how the fire looks like it has burnt skin.
  14. LOL yeah its funny my dad left his hat here the other day and was saying how he would love a new hat band...?!?!?!
  15. Working on a wallet for myself and am not sure how to finish it any suggestions would help. This shot shows a little better depth: Mike
  16. Wow amazing work. I wouldn't have noticed the gap until you mentioned it. Very well done!
  17. My brother was over the other night and we got a little pissed up and he left his pocket knife on the couch. Figured I should make it a home. Although I think it looks much nicer on my belt... I'm sure he will be as happy as I was to make it. This was my first wet molded project so it was loads of fun. I used Fiebing's British Tan to dye a little neatsfoot oil a coat of Saddle Lac and some Aussie Wax to finish her off.
  18. Like everyone has said, very nice seat. There is an adult section that no one mentioned you can post on. Just ask Joanna about it
  19. Sasquatch


    A friend of ours had to put her dog down. So Shayla(GF) came up with the idea of doing a small memory photo album. This is what I have do far.
  20. Excellent work. Is it hand stitched? would love to see shots of the inside.
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