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  1. Staples work really well when sewing anything on top on hair-on-hide leather! Bob Stelmack
  2. Just start with whatever you have. Make mistakes. Learn and most of all Have Fun! You might start a trend for nubuck chaps...
  3. If you treat it with http://ehub41.webhostinghub.com/~miomip5/beenaturalleathercare.com/shop.html#!/Natural-Leather-Protector-16oz/p/35500434/category=9139678 this you will have it waterproofed and more stain resistant. I have tonnes of nubuck over the years and made leather book covers. Nice and feels nice. Or try this produce: http://ehub41.webhostinghub.com/~miomip5/beenaturalleathercare.com/shop.html#!/Suede-Nubuck-Protector-8oz/p/35774868/category=9139678 Bob Stelmack
  4. I do the same thing and fill the lib balm containers with Skidmore's Beeswax Waterproofing (http://www.skidmores.com/products.asp?cat=14) I buy it in bulk. There is an article in the RawHide Gazette (http://pslac.org/public/08_aug16.pdf) on page 10 that shows the process and give ordering information for lip balm filling materials. Hope this helps.
  5. http://www.pendletonleathershow.com/
  6. When I lived in England I went to a wood store and pleased to purchase 2" x 4" by the meter and the 2by4's were finished undersized like ours in the US. ;-) Bob Stelmack
  7. Just had to say: "Punctuation matters". Is that a bear with antlers and covered in feathers?
  8. Here is a few views of one style. Suggest you search the internet for what you are looking for and look at the pictures. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/ferus-leather-genuine-leather-guitar-soft-gig-bag Hope this helps.... Bob Stelmack
  9. BJP Not sure how to say this. I did a Google search with these key words: dog collar with a restraint handle ...it yielded this: https://www.google.com/search?q=dog+collar+with+a+restraint+handle+template&espv=2&biw=1430&bih=814&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjh4-6tsavOAhVC1oMKHYtcBoMQ7AkIRA#tbm=isch&q=dog+collar+with+a+restraint+handle Now looking at the pictures I can't see where a template is needed. Seems like a separate loop of leather, riveted to the existing collar would work. Maybe I'm missing some fine point since I haven't made any dog collars. Anyway, hope the pictures can help you. Bob Stelmack
  10. If you are near the Tri-Cities (Richland, Pasco, Kennewick) there are few guys here that get together and share ideas. Herb is our knife sheath maker. If you are near Yakima, I've got another fella and some in Walla Walla and Milton-Freewater some more. And Spokane has Ken Bush and company. Check out www.pslac.org and the public newsletter, the RawHide Gazette ( http://pslac.org/table_index_rawhide.htm )for some of our efforts. Welcome.
  11. There is an article with patterns in it for the Buck 100 knife by Bill Churchill. It is at the PSLAC website in their Member Only section ( http://pslac.org/table_index_member.htm ) near the bottom at: ( http://pslac.org/member/01_jan98b.pdf ) I'm sorry that PSLAC has a Member Only section, but that it how they support their website without monitary support from any sponsors. They do have leather sponsors, but they only offer discounts to PSLAC members when purchasing leather products. BTW way there is a monthly newsletter The RawHide Gazette that is in their Public section. Please see: http://pslac.org/table_index_rawhide.htm Hope this helps.
  12. I was hoping that The Leather Machine Company would take over the lead of the show, much like FERDCO did in the old days. I sure like the look of the Cobra Class 3....
  13. I use a Skil rotary cutter to cut leather up to 5/6 ounce. Cuts straight just fine. A little harder with cuts other than gentle curves.
  14. Pictures please. I have a FERDCO Pro-2000 and live in the Tri-cities, WA. Looking for a lighter weight machine. Bob Stelmack
  15. Check with http://www.hoffmanbrothers.com/new-used-sewing-machines.asp
  16. My friend restored a leather horse collar with these products. http://www.leathertherapy.com/ Hope it helps. Bob Stelmack
  17. Pictures of the Ferdco Pro 440 "Baby Bull" please

  18. Use an airbrush and spray a 50/50 Resolene/Water in several light coats.
  19. Please see: http://kpr.craigslist.org/art/5610845294.html Location: Richland, WA Bob Stelmack
  20. The domain name sometimes gives a clue. Please see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_Name_System
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