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  1. Hi everybody! (Complete with Grover arms) I am sooooo pumped! I just finished paying for, and am picking up tomorrow, a Cobra 4 -16” and a Thompson Walking Foot machine! I also am the proud owner of a paper weight with a treadle, that says it’s a Singer 29-something. I get to try and fix that up on my own. Fun! My husband has kindly cleared the garage out for a leather/craft shop and plans are underway to change a church table into a leather table! Can clear shoe boxes with foam for my stamps be far away? I’m going to ask a gentleman in the area to make sure the two new machines are in spec. I have been told he’s really good with industrial machines, soooo, yeah, pumped! I’ve been talking to several people about learning from real professionals about shoe/boot making/repair and saddlemaking/repair. So, do any of you have names of people in the Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas or South Dakota areas that give lessons about shoes/boots/saddles/harness? oh, and now I get the museum of sewing machines tendency! The right tool for the right job! Sorry about before!
  2. Love the wide top and edges to keep the rain out! Beautiful!
  3. You can just glue them together, but remember to make a hem. It looks more professional, and keeps your edges from fraying. Oh. Sorry, this is if you are using fabric for the liner.
  4. I did a sample purse at the store when I started. The Erica Crossbody. Cute purse, has a bit of a wallet. Any way, not knowing what I was doing I slathered on the blue Waterstain onto the front panel. Gorgeous deep blue, contrasted really well with the white lotus and the green waterweed. Then I was told I should have oiled the leather before I painted it. So I oiled all the rest of it. It came out kind of marbled instead of the deep blue of the front panel. Still pretty and in theme, as it were, to a waterlilly/underwater style. But I really liked the deep blue. I can see why you would want your work to stay the way you made it, it seems silly to put as much effort and thought into the stuff you guys make, and then have it just rub off. So waterstains have less penetration, or maybe they need to be sealed to keep from rubbing off? Would a finish be the answer? One of the sheens? Or Neatlac, or resolene?
  5. I’ve been told that ProDye really sucks into leather by a couple of people. That it absorbs more. Have you found that to be true as well? I haven’t been around long enough to see any of my waterstain stuff wear or leak from dampness.
  6. Those could easily be reindeer for next Christmas! Cute!
  7. People say I like this, or I like that Battlemunky, but they rarely say why. Could you please tell me why you like the ProDye better then the alcohol dyes? I like water based and waterstain because it doesn’t smell bad or require a vent, plus I don’t seem to have to buff as much. Discuss.
  8. They are beautiful. But what warms my heart is they are for your girls. When my daughters got their first cars, I handed them each a 10” crowbar and told them “every well bred young lady needs one of these on her drivers side door. See? Heartwarming.
  9. Very nice. I’m buying the Stohlman books bit by bit and I’ve been very impressed with how thorough the instructions are. You guys make it look so cool and personal! I’m just kind of concerned with how many of the tools that have gone missing, leaves, veiners, camouflagers... it kind of feels like we have to reinvent the wheel again to get the right shapes. Or am I over thinking, and the tools are out there, I just haven’t gone much farther than Tandy?
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