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  1. I bought a used rivet foot press, and this attachment came with the other dies. Can someone tell me the name so I may do a better search on how to use, or how this shape helps? Thanks,
  2. Looking to buy a used Post Bed Sewing Machine with a roller foot. I'm not looking to fix or repair it, would like it to be in good working condition. I am in Louisiana and would be willing to travel a ways for the right machine and price. Thanks
  3. Saw these today had to bump this because those look great! I hope to be making some soon.
  4. Thank you for the help and tips.
  5. I have a new to me Singer 31-15 with oil on my needle. That's not normal is it? This is my first machine and I have been practicing only with scrap. I have not oiled it at all, previous owner was using it and had taken very good care of it when I bought it. I did lay it down when I drove home with it. Could that have put oil where it should not? Would it be ok to take it off table and wash it down maybe with a pressure washer and start over oiling the correct spots? Thanks
  6. I like your heat shrink idea. The problem with the 4 inch PVC is space. Thanks
  7. I have a small work shop and I am trying to find a way to store my leather sides and smaller pieces. The small ones, I think, will be in short PVC tubes under a 4'x4' table. I have a wall that I will have room to make a cabinet around 6' wide 12" deep. My question is, would it be ok to drape the larger wider hides on horizontal bars and hang down without damage? Will they stretch too much? Will that bar leave a permanent mark? I was thinking of using black iron threaded pipe or wooden dowels either swinging out like on a swing arm or just hangers and pull them down as needed. I like the swing arm idea to be able to get to the ones in the back easier. Any ideas for that spot for be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Thank you Wiz. I see you helping a lot of people on here. I try to browse and read as much of your stuff as possible.
  9. Could someone tell me the difference between Toledo's and Leather Machine Co Servo Motors, which one might be better than the other etc. I will be buy one for a 31-15, just not sure which one yet. I see they're $10 dollars apart and one has 3 year warranty and the other only 1. I'm still learning and may not see what is the obvious to someone else. Thanks
  10. Nice looking area and that table top is nice! I'm building now and moving stuff around and in.
  11. Funny cause not but a few hours ago I put some on my Landis finisher and pushed it easily over to where I wanted it. And a big plus is it raised it up about 4 inches. I second it on buying a couple of locked ones.
  12. Just now seeing this. Those are very nice! One style I want to make one day.
  13. I'm not on many other forums but I use a Hennessy Hammock at times. I go back and forth between that and my Zpacks tent. I need to get my butt back into it,, haven't been in while New to this forum.
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