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    Hiking, backpacking.

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    New into it
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    Making hiking/dress boots and women's shoes with added tooling
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    Googling always sent me here
  1. Thank you Wiz. I see you helping a lot of people on here. I try to browse and read as much of your stuff as possible.
  2. Could someone tell me the difference between Toledo's and Leather Machine Co Servo Motors, which one might be better than the other etc. I will be buy one for a 31-15, just not sure which one yet. I see they're $10 dollars apart and one has 3 year warranty and the other only 1. I'm still learning and may not see what is the obvious to someone else. Thanks
  3. Daviddm

    Showing Off Soon

    bikermutt Have you made any more progress on your boots?
  4. Daviddm

    My hobby room

    Nice looking area and that table top is nice! I'm building now and moving stuff around and in.
  5. Daviddm

    Caster wheels for machines

    Funny cause not but a few hours ago I put some on my Landis finisher and pushed it easily over to where I wanted it. And a big plus is it raised it up about 4 inches. I second it on buying a couple of locked ones.
  6. Daviddm

    New Work Boots

    Just now seeing this. Those are very nice! One style I want to make one day.
  7. Daviddm

    other forums

    I'm not on many other forums but I use a Hennessy Hammock at times. I go back and forth between that and my Zpacks tent. I need to get my butt back into it,, haven't been in while New to this forum.
  8. Daviddm

    Louisiana new guy.

    Didn't think of that,, but yeah I will gladly help out with some welding for some knowledge or maybe some scraps.
  9. Daviddm

    Louisiana new guy.

    Thanks for the info. I have found the HCC site and go back to it often. I don't make it up there often but if I do I might take you up on that offer.
  10. Daviddm

    Louisiana new guy.

    Hello from west central Louisiana. Very new into leather. I've been lurking on here for a while and have seen amazing works of art and skill. It's nice to see the information and knowledge so freely given, very helpful for a new guy like myself. I am a welder by trade. Took a boot making class a couple of years and I am just now slowly acquiring tools and equipment. My goal is to make hiking boots, dress shoes and woman's boots with maybe some added tooling. I know this is not a boot and shoe forum but the most of the info on leather is the same and what I have read has already helped me out a lot with that and with the sewing machine info. Knife sheaths are also something I want to try. Does anyone know if the Bossier City Tandy Store basic leather classes are worth the two hour trip for me to take? Do they teach tooling? Thanks again,