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  1. Damn ! those are great ! Wow, I would have never even thought of ideas like that. very cool !
  2. Thanks everyone. I guess I've been overthinking it !
  3. I really like the belts I’ve been making, but they feel like stiff cardboard when I deliver them. I’ve been trying different methods of working them back and forth and oiling them, etc to get them to feel like soft, rich leather, to no avail. how are you guys doing it? thanks!
  4. WOW! that panel really classes it up. it looks expensive !
  5. damn! that braid is killer. the wallet is also perfect !
  6. that's really cool. it has a ton of complicated angles. did you design it as well? it looks like a lot of work !
  7. it looks really good. your makers mark is pretty sharp !
  8. WOW! I think it's awesome ! where do you get the laser engraving done ? it looks really great !
  9. thanks Bob and nrk. I have a couple of the Stohlman books, and maybe I've missed it, but it seemed random as to when they'd use one over the other. antiquing does make sense. thanks.
  10. Good morning. I hope this is in the right place. I did search, but got too many hits that weren't what I wanted . . so, with that out of the way . . . how do you decide when to use which style of beveler, pear shader, etc ? I've tried with smooth pear shaders on flowers, and also checked ones, and I guess I'm missing it. How do you decide which style goes better on a given project ? I realize it's a bit daft, but I've only just realized that a bevel with the lines running from top to bottom can be dragged down a flower petal or stem to give a nice texture. so when would you want to use a stamp where the lines run left to right? I realize that one of my stamps goes from top left to bottom right and it's the only stamp I have like that. I'm sure I'm overthinking it, but maybe some of you really have a system, and I'm hoping to learn. so thank you.
  11. sweet ! I know I'm 10 years late, but that's a great pattern !
  12. Richard, I tried your method and it really is night and day different. one thing I've noticed when looking at work being done by Don Gonzales (my current leather-Hero) is that his swivel-knife work almost looks like he's carving in cookie-dough. well, with my cased leather, I get that. so thanks very much. I have a couple more questions, if you'll humor me. How long do you wait before carving it when you remove it from the bag? also, you mentioned that it's ready when it's cool when i touch it to my cheek. to me, it always seems cool. I had read that it should warm up in some kind of chemical reaction to absorbing the water, but I didn't really experience that. finally, have you found anything that will stick to wet leather ? I usually put tape on the back so that the leather doesn't warp. do you have any tips for that ? thanks again for solving my biggest problem !
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