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    Leatherwork, leather, leather tools, large carnivores, smaller leather goods... For now.

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  1. Bennyleather

    Looking For Marble Or Granite

    Ha why didn't I think of that? Lol
  2. Bennyleather

    Looking For Marble Or Granite

    Where would one find a conveyor belt installation company?
  3. Bennyleather

    Looking For Marble Or Granite

    Does anyone here have experience in the Avon, Ohio area concerning granite companies?
  4. Bennyleather

    Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    Have a look at District Leather Supply, they have quite the selection, and it changes fairly often. They have some tools and hardware as well, but the leather is generally in small sizes (4x18, 8x18 inches and some 12x24 inches), with a few whole hides. I am only a hobbyist so I only need the small pieces and have yet to try straight veg tan other than Conceria Walpier Buttero at 3.5-4 oz., which is a dream to burnish and cut.
  5. Bennyleather

    Damascus steel knife

    I have checked them out several times online, and though it would definitely be easier and simpler, I want to make my own head/round knife eventually, probably from an old circular saw blade without the carbide teeth. That project probably won't start for another year though.
  6. Bennyleather

    How did you get into leather work?

    Thank you! Good luck in college, and don't let it drag you down!
  7. Bennyleather

    A Polish Briefcase :)

    It really is a magnificent piece!
  8. Bennyleather

    4-5oz suede, 4 x 18": what to use it for?

    That's interesting...I'll keep the feather in mind. The Suede is a little too soft-tempered for a wallet or phone case I think. Very flexible. I thought maybe a multi-layered key fob. I'll keep all these mind though, thanks! Benny
  9. Bennyleather

    4-5oz suede, 4 x 18": what to use it for?

    Ok, I'm open to that idea; I do want to make another coin pouch. Any other ideas though?
  10. I have a piece of suede 4x18 inches and don't really know what to use it for. I don't have a splitter, so that's out of the question. Any ideas? Thanks, Benny
  11. Bennyleather

    Hello from Ohio

    Sweet! I didn't figure on having so many Ohioans here! I do key fobs as well, whether decoratory or useful, but I mostly just dabble and experiment.
  12. Bennyleather

    Scratch Awls!

    Nice. I've never made a handle myself, but I plan on making a head knife eventually and it will need a handle.
  13. Bennyleather

    Irish theme knife sheath

    Exquisite piece! I love it!!
  14. Bennyleather

    Scratch Awls!

    Nice! Did you already have the handle lying around or did you turn it?
  15. Bennyleather

    Men's wallet, black and blue, with company logo (I think)

    Wow, that is a big ID!