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  1. Bennyleather

    Wanted: Round knife

    You dun scared 'im away! lol!!!
  2. Bennyleather ... and shipping

    Wow That's lot of orders to keep track of! Thanks, I'll give them a look.
  3. Bennyleather ... and shipping

    Would you be willing to share the name of the competitor?
  4. Bennyleather ... and shipping

    Fair enough, lol! Some thing like business generally stays pretty stable, but there are more plastic aspects about it as well, i.e. the amount of supply vs. amount of demand. The issue I have with buying in bulk is space. I am going to graduate from college in just over a week and space/money is something I don't have a lot of right now, so for me it would be more wise to refrain from purchasing anything rather than buy in bulk to decrease the effect of high postage costs. And that's what I did -- I refrained from purchasing the buckle. I wanted the buckle for a watchband I will be making for my uncles watch (it had a metal bracelet but the clasp broke, so he commissioned me ), but it looks like I may have to wait, or commission my brother to make me a buckle... hmmm, *ideas forming beep boop beep* Again, thanks all for the input, most appreciated. Benny
  5. Bennyleather ... and shipping

    LoL, I didn't think of that. Personally, I would prefer to pay a bit more for the product than 6x the amount of the item in shipping charges, but that's personal preference. Thanks for the insight and context, I appreciate it. I meant no offence, business is not something I am at all knowledgeable about. Benny.
  6. So I was looking to get a watch buckle from this vendor, and prices weren't bad...until I looked at shipping. $7.50 shipping for a $0.56 item?! Outrageous! I can understand maybe $0.25 for postage, but $7.50?! Has anyone else noticed the higher-than-average shipping? Note that I have not ordered anything from here yet. Does anyone have better alternatives to concerning small purchases with smaller shipping charges? Thanks in advance! Benny
  7. Bennyleather

    Hello from Ohio

    Cool! I've only sold one piece, underpriced at that, but I've given several key fobs to family too.
  8. Bennyleather

    Looking For Marble Or Granite

    Ha why didn't I think of that? Lol
  9. Bennyleather

    Looking For Marble Or Granite

    Where would one find a conveyor belt installation company?
  10. Bennyleather

    Looking For Marble Or Granite

    Does anyone here have experience in the Avon, Ohio area concerning granite companies?
  11. Bennyleather

    Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    Have a look at District Leather Supply, they have quite the selection, and it changes fairly often. They have some tools and hardware as well, but the leather is generally in small sizes (4x18, 8x18 inches and some 12x24 inches), with a few whole hides. I am only a hobbyist so I only need the small pieces and have yet to try straight veg tan other than Conceria Walpier Buttero at 3.5-4 oz., which is a dream to burnish and cut.
  12. Bennyleather

    Damascus steel knife

    I have checked them out several times online, and though it would definitely be easier and simpler, I want to make my own head/round knife eventually, probably from an old circular saw blade without the carbide teeth. That project probably won't start for another year though.
  13. Bennyleather

    How did you get into leather work?

    Thank you! Good luck in college, and don't let it drag you down!
  14. Bennyleather

    A Polish Briefcase :)

    It really is a magnificent piece!
  15. Bennyleather

    4-5oz suede, 4 x 18": what to use it for?

    That's interesting...I'll keep the feather in mind. The Suede is a little too soft-tempered for a wallet or phone case I think. Very flexible. I thought maybe a multi-layered key fob. I'll keep all these mind though, thanks! Benny