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  1. vintageredesigned

    Like New Cobra 4 with feet, guide, table etc.

    yes I am in Paso Robles, California. Local Pick UP is OK or ship but may be expensive as it is quite large.
  2. vintageredesigned

    Like New Cobra 4 with feet, guide, table etc.

    Although this machine is probably around 9 years old it is really like brand new, it was only used for a couple small projects, well maintained. Comes with the removable table, set of feet, belt guide, lamp, extra bobbins. $2500.
  3. vintageredesigned

    Wanted: Machine Skiver For Handbags

    Hello, I am located in Southern California and I am looking for a machine skiver to better my handbags : ) Please send me pics if you have one . Thank yoU! Julie
  4. buying equipment ... stressful but exciting : )

    1. FHL FERG

      FHL FERG

      I know EXACTLY what you mean

  5. vintageredesigned

    Glue Disaster! Please Help!

    Hello Everyone! Well, I have a show coming up and I thought I was going to be ready --however, this is the first time I have used leather glue and I didn't realize how difficult it is not to get it everywhere! I am gluing 17 inch long 1/4 inch wide kid skin (super soft/thin) straps together -- I am using BARGE all purpose cement and everytime I try I keep getting the glue on the outside of the skin. I have super glue coming but it won't be here until Thursday. My goal is to have the absolute best adhesive so that the leather doesn't come apart with the easiest application. Does anyone know of either (1) an easy way to remove the excess glue leaving the outside of the skin perfect or (2) a more systematic and efficient way to glue narrow pieces such as these without getting the glue everywhere......Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated : ) Thank you! Julie
  6. vintageredesigned

    What Type & Size Of Leather Can I Use To Make Twisted Fringe?

    Thank you for your help! I actually ended up using lamb (I got it cheap on the close out) and it worked great. I twisted it and sprayed it with alcohol & water (like another post listed) and it came out great : ) THank yoU!
  7. Hello Group, I am trying to put twisted fringe on a handbag that I am designing and I would like to know all the types/sizes of leather I can use -- has anyone done this before and know what works? Ideally I would like to use colors etc to make the design look better -- but I wasn't sure what type of leather would hold the twist. Thank you so much for your help! Sincerely, Julie
  8. How do I post a question to the group? I need to know what leather (type/size) that I can use to make twisted fringe?

    1. vintageredesigned


      nevermind, just figured it out - it is under how do you do that...I am new to this site.

  9. vintageredesigned

    Buckskin chinks

    Those chinks are great! What did you do to get the leather to hold the twist so well? Is there a specific type of leather (oz / type) that holds the twist? I'd like to put it on my handbag. Thank yoU!
  10. vintageredesigned

    how do you get twisted leather fringe????

    Is there a specific leather (weight / type) that will hold the twist, or does any leather hold it? I'd like to put the twisted fringe on a bag and I like the twisted look --- Thank you for your help : )