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  1. Hi Everyone I have enjoyed viewing the topics on this site for sometime, but once I turned creating leather goods from a hobby into a business, I knew it was time to join. I may at some point have a tip or two to help others, or need a few myself. My business is J. Scott Handcrafted. I am located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. A coastal town. I create watch bands, slim card holders and am beginning patters for shaving kits, mouse pads etc. I prefer to work from scratch or make a pattern for the work at hand. Next creation I start again with a fresh pattern. This is slower than using templates etc., but suits me at least for now. It also allows me to make small changes and keep the process of creating fresh, rather than same each time. My main leather is Kangaroo, which is quite popular here. I only sell within Australia, due to the issues of exporting Kangaroo leather (forms, permits etc.). Here is my site handmade leather goods Here are a few pics of the watch bands done recently. One is Australian Barramundi, One is Cane Toad, shrunken grain Sheep, which is my favourite. And last is snake. All four have Kangaroo under- lining.
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