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  1. Get it "tacked' back on by a welder or get a 200w soldering iron and solder it back on.
  2. For those who don't know about it, there is an auction site for Government surplus stuff called Govdeals.com. They occasionally have industrial sewing machines. Tonight I watched a pristine Consew 287RB go for less than $500(w/o shipping). I cried. That said, if you check this site often, you may find a deal on good equipment.
  3. Sounds like 'Fear and Loathing in Sheridan'..... I hope you can rest when you make it home.
  4. groovytech

    Juki Ddl 8700

    From CL Tallahassee,FL 05/05/15. For Sale-General. Just sharing,
  5. I would love to go stitch-less on some projects. Where would I find learning resources on technique and layout? Thanks, Marc
  6. Toss it, and start over. Better luck this time.
  7. I've used this method to clean stamps and tools that looked like they were used for other purposes(wax,paint,etc.) and they come out looking shiny-clean. I never thought about sharing this extremely simple cleaning method until now. I just got some tools from an estate sale and they were pretty nasty looking. Crud in the lines of the texture in bevelers,etc. Effervescent denture cleaner tabs. Put tools in a suitable size bowl, add water and a tab. 3 minutes later you're done. dry 'em off and start using your shiny,new looking tools. Does not degrade the metal in any way.
  8. Check your local library, I'll bet they have books on Leather-craft. Ours had several. Also, use the search on this site. Type in the keyword and go.
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