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  1. http://nettlescountry.com/ Nettles makes world class stirrups and provides stirrups to other companies that provide custom coverings. Blake
  2. The saddle has all of the earmarks of a SE made saddle , probably Chattanooga Tenn. Simco, Southern Saddlery along with Bona Allen (Buford Ga.) all had a similiar design offered in their catalogs along with a few others. A lot of saddles in that era were made by independents as peice work usually out of their homes or garages so it is not surprising that one could enter the market without a company name or stamp. Is there a small daisey shaped flower stamped in the center of the horn cap or any markings or letters on any of the exposed rivets? Any numbers on the Frog or cantle back? Old Toot was correct in his assessment of the leather as your last picture shows it to have a yellowish center which is common on indian tans and some re-tans of that time period. The tree was probably made by Flor tree company which supplied a lot of production trees for that era just before Ralide came onto the market. Another consideration is the fact that some of the companies around that area did mfg. saddles without any markings and then dump them on the sale barn market. I guess it was a way around their dealers to generate more income . I hope this info helps in some way. Blake
  3. I personally think the word custom is so overused that it has little or no meaning to the consumer anymore. My card reads Saddles and Fine Handcrafted Leather Goods My .02 cents Blake
  4. A dumb question, But are you casing the leather? Also, what angle are you using on your blades? Blake
  5. These are the best in my opinion. Blake http://nettlescountry.com/
  6. Good Morning urMikealso and Mattinaddition The book I mentioned is titled "The Complete Handbook of Leathercrafting" by Jane E. Garnes. - Krieger publishing co. Malabar Florida 32950 . Orig. edition 1981 Reprint edition 1986 ISBN 0-89874-899-2. Chapter 8 covers colorants and has several charts on Biological color stains,chemical colorants and Indian dyes along with mixing charts. I picked this up at the Panama-American Leather fair in Miami Fl which was a fantastic world class vendor show. The book is hard cover but cheaply printed on pulp paper and the photographs are poorly reproduced but the information that was gleaned from many sources is pretty good and educational. You can contact me off list if you would like additional info. Kind Regards justplainBlake ps I like that word "Snarky" it reminds me of Belushi on the early SNL
  7. Hi Matt There is actually a book probably out of print that has all of that information. I do have an old copy and can send you the isbn number tomorrow when I am back in the shop. Blake
  8. Hi Renee That is a neat little saddle and I'm almost inclined to think it came off of or was intended for a $.10 cent mechanical horse like you used to see in front of the grocery stores. What is the size of the floor tiles where it was photographed so we can get an idea of the actual size? The number is nothing more than a model number and more than likely it was made as a contract saddle since it has no company or maker stamp. It sure appears to be in nice shape. Some of those were made by J.C.Higgins and some by Bona Allen Co. Blake
  9. Hi Luke Wasn't there a pattern in the LCJ a couple years back? Blake
  10. Blake

    Another Texan

    Did that old boot top come off a store bought or a handmade? Would it have made a difference? LOL . It still got the job done! Kind Regards Blake
  11. Blake

    Another Texan

    Aw Shucks Larry. Its the Craftsman that makes the tools. Its not the tools that make the Craftsman.. Everyone likes nice tools but we always reach for the ones that make our work easier regardless of the maker or quality. Some of my favorites are homemade from nails and bolts. Tandy caters to a large variety of people in the trade and tries to keep it affordable and as a result some of their tool impressions are less than perfect but then again a decent machinest file and a little polish can do wonders. Some people are so obsessed with having nothing but the high dollar tools that they never find the time to learn to use them.You just need to invest in some good leather and get busy. I'd talk more but I have to go work on my tractor with my Heinze tools. Best Regards Blake
  12. K&S Spur 15353 County Rd. 109 Kaufman, TX 75142-8069 (972) 932 6744 Stainless steel Blevins style buckles in several styles with & without leather covered sleeves. Made in USA Texas Blake
  13. Hi Zina Nice leather eyeglass cases have been very popular as gifts for groups. Almost everyone can use them for sunglasses, reading glasses etc. You can add their club logo to make it a little more personal or do a little tooling if you are inclined. A luggage store or sport trophy shop can laser engrave the logo if you have one in the area or maybe someone on the list here has a laser. The flask already suggested is also well received. Blake
  14. They are not fun to make and require a lot of hand work for the amount of payback . Definitely not a high profit item. There is/was a company in Florida (Madison?) that made and restored McClellans, You might try looking them up. If I can find their contact info I will forward it along to you. It is called REM Farm Saddlery. You might also contact Weaver Leather since they sell all of the hardware necessary to build them and may know someone you can contact. Kind Regards Blake
  15. Some of the high end Saddles and Boots in Mexico show off this art at its finest. Blake
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