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  1. You might check with Bruce Johnson @ brucejohnsonleather.com. He currently has Barry King, Gomph-Hackbarth, Ray Hackbarth, Horseshoe (Jeremiah Watts) and some others available.
  2. It's not necessary for a burnisher to have to run between 1250 and 1750 rpms. My bench grinder burnisher ran at 3000+ rpms. Here's a sample of the edges I got (with very little effort): Here's a pic of one side of the burnisher. It was modeled after the Weaver #9 tool and made to fit the 1/2" shaft: Here's a pic of the other side:
  3. The 7-ton clicker by Tippmann will not do an adequate job cutting through 7/8 oz leather; it will work fine for 4 oz or thinner. The 15-ton clicker by Tippmann will work for the heavier/thicker leather.
  4. I use Weaver's bench top press with a 12-ton air over hydraulic jack. Have it set up in my 5th wheel rv and takes up very little space. I've used it to cut/click out holsters, coasters, fobs, spur straps, etc. I've used 5-9 oz leather primarily, but have also cut heavier.
  5. Hellcat Leathers: What you need to do is discuss the matter with an attorney who works in the intellectual property (IP) arena. You want a copy of the "prosecution history." This is the meat of the matter of the patent. The summary is often inadequate and misinterpreted. I've even had IP attorneys go off half-cocked by just reviewing the summary. Their tune changed very quickly after they were able to review the prosecution history of the patent. Regardless, take the time to research the claim made by this person so you have a firm foundation from which to proceed. Best of luck to you.
  6. There is a time limit if you accept credit card payments - based on VISA and Mastercard rules at least. That information should be within the agreement you signed with the credit card processing company.
  7. WTF? I responded to your pm yesterday, asking for your paypal email address, along with the total owed, so you could be paid. Apparently you don't read your pm's. I withdraw my desire to purchase the tool and you can sell it to the next person in line. Good luck with your sale.
  8. Look here: http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=33798&pid=209840&st=0entry209840
  9. Best tools: quality stamping tools such as Barry King, Gomph-Hackbarth, Bob Beard, BearMan Mauls. A quality sewing machine such as Cobra 4. Worst tools: Tippmann BOSS machine.
  10. It has worked great. I've been using this configuration for approximately 5 years now. The jack does not have a dial showing the pressure. The air action is engaged with a "switch" (for lack of a better description) that is depressed and located on a portion of the air hose. The pressure is released with the traditional small button/knob on the cylinder. As JJs Leatherworks mentioned, you could convert the switch to a foot pedal with little effort.
  11. Have you looked over in Kingman for a truck? Not sure if the availability of a truck would be any better for you.
  12. Been there, done that. My comments were based on actual experience in the holster-making, holster-designing, and business experiences. Good luck to you.
  13. +1 I learned early on to listen to what the customer is looking for. A condescending reponse to a potential customer that you're unable to, or do not desire to, help does nothing more than show one's arrogance and does not justify the need for a diatribe IMO.
  14. Supersonic, you might contact Tony at the Leather Factory there in Tampa. They're just off the Crosstown. He probably knows of a couple of people in the area who would be interested in doing the work for/with you.
  15. I use the Weaver bench top press. The plates I use are right at about 12" wide and 9" deep. I swapped out the 6-ton jack that came with it and got a 12-ton air-over-hydraulic. The price for everything was around $500. When I was making holsters, I could cut out the full size holsters with no problem. I also had the Tippman 7-ton and 15-ton models. The 7-ton model is not going to work if you're looking to cut out leather thick enough to make holsters. The 15-ton will do that for you with no problem. The downside to the 15-ton is its overall weight. We used to use a engine lift to move it around.
  16. Paul: You can do the same thing with the Weaver bench top press. I changed out the 6-ton jack that came with it and put on an air-over-hydraulic 12-ton jack. The jack was ~$40 at Harbor Freight.
  17. The Cobra 4 is a great machine to use. Give me a shout once you get it, and I'd be more than happy to come up and show you how it works and get you started on it. I'm down in Columbia.
  18. Nice job. What are you using to adhere the leather to the body?
  19. You would use the same screws that are used on the original pickguard.
  20. K-Man

    Dummy Guns For Sale

    The following are what is still available: Ruger LCR - grip is cut to accomodate Crimson Trace laser (Ring's) Ruger LCR (Ring's) Taurus 85 (Ring's) S&W J-frame .38 - comes with non-functioning LaserMax laser grip (Ring's) Kahr P380 (Ring's) Kahr P380 (Duncan's) Kahr PM9 (Ring's) Two of these available. Colt Pony .380 (Duncan's) Ruger LCP (Duncan's) Ruger LCP w/Crimson Trace laser (Duncan's) SIG P238 (Duncan's) SIG P238 w/Crimson Trace laser (Duncan's) SIG P238 w/SIG laser (Duncan's) S&W Bodyguard .380 (Duncan's)
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