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  1. hi Looking good , is that your own design and you have a pattern avail? Tks
  2. Good Day Anyone of you ever made a sheath for a fleshing knife like this one or similar. it must protect the blade as it is very sharp. Any idea will help. My friend requested this from me this morning. They dont sell sheath with those knifes and cant find them anywhere. Tks for your great help.
  3. tks i just email them, let hope i can at least purchase one or two....
  4. Thank you I will be in Texas for work but will take a few days to visit for sure ( God bless Texas). The hide is to make a belt, I'm not to much into hunting those...lol willing to buy ready to " craft" tks
  5. I know but because im in Canada i need to purchase a license for importing so i figure i my as well take the trip to texas and get it my self, just need the place now
  6. Hello everyone I will be in Fort Bliss Texas and I would like to purchase a hide of Rattlesnake for a belt making maybe two if the price is right. anyone know a reliable place to purchase it in Fort Bliss? TKs
  7. Where are you located?

    1. Bonecross


      I updated my profile. I'm near Montreal :)

    2. Rock


      Thank you I'm Im in Quebec

  8. Hello I really love the rustic look, that would really inspired me,with all those big windows, and nature around. well done my friend.
  9. Hey I use two horse shoes and two horse nails it is a great piece of conversation. Pm me with your email I will fdw to you
  10. Craig Sorry I only have the 2513. Sorry I could not help at this time. But if you want to share with me the one you just got I'm sure I could use it in the future. If not I understand no worry Happy Punding on your new project Rock Rock052@me.com
  11. I Will looking info my o,d stuff Will Vet back to you tonoght
  12. Thank you so much you guys " Rock" Happy stitching
  13. Thank you just printed, project for tomorrow
  14. Hello everyone Any of you would have a pattern for a leather whell coin purse like this type? Not sure the real name for it Thank you so much.
  15. Hey brother Go back to Tandy and give them your info as well explain that if she come back to contact you. With any luck she will be back soon
  16. I mean moose not mouse...lol been a long day yesterday
  17. Hello all Your first "cut" is done on the main strap exposing a hole in the guitar strap. Then you will need a bigger piece 1/4 inch bigger then the hole. about 3/5 oz leather . The shake skin is then glued on this part and glue on the back of the guitar strap, the sewing is done around it. Then a full piece on the back of the guitar strap "chap leather" 2 OZ. You will never see the second part the 3/5 oz leather just the sewing on the front. that method is call inlay you can even put a piece of leather deer, mouse ect,,,(spongy) between the skin of the snake and the snake will look like it is standing up or "popping up" I did a few so far and the demand is very high, I learn that from a DVD I have best $120.00 spend on a movie PM me and I may be able to provide very good details.....
  18. Rock

    Star Stamp

    Hello anyone could tell me what stamp can I use to make this pattern. I been trying and no luck anyone ever saw this stamp it does exist as we can see it on the picture Tks
  19. Rock


    Tks will try that God bless
  20. Thank you very much, I'm like Frenchy I also have huge trouble with my stick figures, but since Google Image, I improved alot..
  21. Good evening Thank you so much for the answers, a trip to the store tomorrow and I'm getting some pipes, but now I need to showel the driveway again, anyone want some free snow? You pick it and it is your...lol
  22. Hello everyone I know someone got the answer to my dilemma, I saw some serious intelligent answers here. I only have a PHD ( Public Highschool Diploma) I'm making a guitar strap 2 3/4 inch wide and the costumer ( my 16 yrs old niece) want a few hole in the middle with seal skin inlay. I have the Seal skin but how do I do the big hole like 2 inch diameter so it is clean can I use my drill press with a 2 inch bit the round one that we use for cabinet maket for the hinges? Any help will be great.
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