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  1. The only good thing about Joe is: I have 42 years of real stories about what he didn't do to help the American people.
  2. Everything Mr. Trump did helped me
  3. The only thing I have to say is: If you missed the Corruption of LBJ and the Bad Economy of Jimmy Carter your in Luck. As for me I will get to go down memory lane again (Joy). Germany you may have to start another World War to get us out of the Economic hole again. Just saying.
  4. The not about money it's about control. In a year: the way you live your life has been changed forever.
  5. GP100 is easy to make a holster for depending on the type. example one on the right GP100. May want try 6oz with a 2 oz liner.
  6. Its a Navy thing when I first joined we had tailor shops and shoe repair. We were fully self contained.
  7. got a Ruger Blackhawk from them worked great makes a nice holster
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