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    Motorcycles, Rockabilly music, Photography, some Woodcarving and I'm just starting out on the path that is leatherwork.

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  1. The site wouldn't open, Gorec..
  2. Love this, Bob!! The hammered effect reminds me of the copper table tops in my local pub, when I was a youth.. Ha! If you don't mind me asking, what tools did you use to achieve it.? Regards Phil
  3. NIce work, Paul.. I can't imagine how many hours you have in them, but they're quite stunning.. Regards Phil
  4. I agree.. The worst that can happen is that you're down a few Krona.. You never know, it might be a nice little money spinner for you.. Don't forget to post pics of the end result.!! Regards Phil
  5. Hi Jon.. Here's a link to a good thread on this.. Near the bottom of page 1, Twin Oaks's post gives you the idea.. http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=23254 Hope that helps.. Phil
  6. Looking good.. Is that a list of guests, hand carved on the back of the album, Billy? There's no wonder it took you a while, if it is!! I like how you've done the strap with the barbed wire..nice detail.. Regards Phil
  7. Very nice work Legion.. I like this.. That spray can is doing well isn't it..LOL Love the effect.. Regards Phil
  8. Nice wallet there Legion..I like the design and the colours too The stencil is a great way of keeping things consistant..great idea to be able to use the single piece of acrylic.. Regards Phil
  9. Hi Deb, could you please email a copy over to me.. tbd-hawk AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk Many thanks for the share.. Phil
  10. In that case, I'll embellish that statement a little k47, as it didn't quite say what I meant.. I have worked with computers and know there's a level of competence required for using any software or hardware. What I meant was with regards to leatherwork competence when creating a design using the printing method. If you're stamping by hand, then credit to you..its nowhere near the same as hitting the Enter key.. IMHO Regards Phil
  11. Beautiful work as always Fga.. I think it looks great.. The only thing, is the lack of adjustment..but I suppose that if they're custom made to order, then it's not a big problem.. Actually, strike that..when I think about it, I have my Dad's old watch on, which I had altered when I was given it after he passed.. It has a clasp rather than a buckle too.. Sometimes its tight on my wrist, sometimes its not so..no biggy.. Is there anything you can't make well.?? LOL Regards Phil
  12. So the stamping is done by hand and the picture is printed onto the leather.? Perhaps a level of hand tooling will satisfy folks that there is some craft going into the products.. I agree that there's probably a market for it, k47.. Personally, I also see belts for sale that are obviously produced with a rolling stamp and I just skirt past them, but there is a market for them, or else they wouldn't be there. As far as I'm concerned, I think the printing sits somewhere along the same lines as the products that have lasered designs on them. What lasered work I've seen, is intricate, but doesn't interest me as far as any level of competence.. The skill level required to make an item goes down with every machine used and is instantly reproducible, therefore not really a custom piece. I can see why you ran into some hostility with the printed part of your business, but to me its not much different to these methods I've mentioned. Some people will buy the printed, rolled and lasered products, but not me.. Just my honest opinion Regards Phil
  13. Haha!! I was thinking the same thing Mike.!! Your niece definitely needs the protection, Bill, but I think the elks will have to wait in line..lmao!! :rofl: Nice work anyway, Bill.. I'm sure she's proud to wear it.. Regards Phil
  14. Looks good, Eric..should keep you nice and warm now winter is back upon the northern hemisphere.!! Nice that its a reminder of good times with your dad too..can't beat things like that in life.. Regards Phil
  15. What a great idea, Newbee.!! Simple, but so personal at the same time.. Can I ask how are the pictures done.? I have a link to Kingsmere Crafts, which may help you with your lacing.. http://www.kingsmerecrafts.com/page96.html I hope it helps you, or that Bill finds something for you on youtube.. Regards Phil
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