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  1. Looks great David, & PTL for landing that job in your lap. That's the theme work I love to do, & feel honored when I am asked to do it for $.
  2. It's gotta be some intense heat to loosen up barge cement. Once it dries onto the pan it aint movin.
  3. You don't need any staples, or rivets. Use some barge glue on the pan (sand with 50 grit) & the leather (rough it up a bit). Let it get tacky then stretch the leather onto the pan. Press it down then smack it with a mallet all the way around. I use barge all the time
  4. Great work Jeff! I love the colors.
  5. Glad to see ya made it over here Brian. Tons of info here. Welcome!
  6. That was two years ago Bill. I think the sale is over. They sent me a flyer in the snail mail box. Never been to their website.
  7. My customers order anything from 1/4" neoprene up to 3/4" on solo saddles.
  8. I've said it before, & I'll say it again. You have a great hand Caroline. I'm still reaching for that level of knife work skill.
  9. Banjoman, overall the seat looks good, The lacing is excellent, however those puckers are unacceptable, & that seat would never leave my shop like that. Sometimes you have to wet mold, but that could have been done right the first time. Also, 3 oz leather that has been carved on is also not acceptable. Your tooling isn't deep enough. You need at least 5-6 oz on top if carving & tooling are involved. 3-4 on the sides are cool unless yer gonna do the sandwich thing like in Dave's seat tutorial...then use 5-6 on the bottom also, & use a basketweave lacing pattern. It's ok to trash it, & start over. I do it all the time while trying to step up to another level, or trying something out of my comfort zone. I just won't SETTLE less than I know I can do....cuz my customers pay for my best work not my practice stuff.
  10. I like Fiebings leather balm with atom wax.
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