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  1. Left and right twist are noted that way for sewing machine use...not hand sewing. Some people will try to claim it makes a difference for hand sewing, but they would be wrong. Every experienced leatherworker.net I know that sews by hand has told me it doesn't matter and I've personally used left/right twist thread for hand sewing and it doesn't make any difference to me either.
  2. Uhh...yeah...you should be using a diamond awl with the pricking iron. What you did is "technically" a "saddle stitch", but there are multiple reasons why it looks like that. Look up Nigel Armitage on youtube and find his "saddle stitch in detail" video. It should correct all the things that are going on with your stitching. First, I'd say you need a diamond awl...sharp and of appropriate size. Second, it looks like you may not be doing every stitch exactly, precisely the same way every single time. This is required in order for your stitching to look good on both sides. It takes a lot of practice and discipline to do it that way, but there's no shortcut to it... Before anyone has a hissy fit, I am recommending Nigel's video because he explains it a lot more plainly than I can so that it the concepts are easy to grasp for folks having trouble. And I happen to think he knows what he's talking about, especially pertaining to correct saddle stitching.
  3. Unless you have a pic, I don't know what you're referring to.
  4. Any chance you'd be willing to share the pattern, please?
  5. Tiny picture...is the blade included? Does it need sharpening?
  6. If y'all are looking for really nice chainmaille wallet chains, check out these...i bought a couple from him and they're really nice. especially the titanium ones. http://www.cpfmarketplace.com/mp/showthread.php?236011-NEW-BRACELET-ADDED!!!-Titanium-and-Stainless-Chainmaille-bracelets-Grade-5-(6Al-4V)
  7. I guess if you ask them to put it in the unused cooler next time, they'll put it in the freezer then...
  8. That seller doesn't list any goat hides at all from my search of his store. And the "linings" he sells are splits. Sure would be nice to be able to find a good supplier of good quality, non-split goat linings...or even non-split calf.
  9. If it's not veg tanned, you won't be able to burnish it properly. But I have seen some places selling veg tanned buffalo, so...maybe the stuff you saw wasn't made of veg tanned buffalo though. You're gonna have to use edge kote or one of those heat burnishing tools if you don't want unfinished edges on your buffalo stuff. If you search on here you'll find all sort of threads already covering both.
  10. Your customers are not the same as my customers. You have your market and I have mine.
  11. You get what you pay for. If you want good quality tools, they ARE going to cost around $25 or more unless you get the imported trash tandy sells. Before anyone tries to correct me, I'm talking about edge bevelers and tools like that. If you get the junk tandy sells, you're going to eventually end up replacing them with good quality tools and no one will buy that tandy stuff off of you. But if you're just doing this as a hobby and are not a perfectionist like I am, who knows. Maybe the tandy stuff will be good enough for what you want to do.
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