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  1. i don't know how they are made but it would seem to me that the inside would besealed with a flexable glue/sealer. Mayge a barge glue so when the bag is repeatadly swatted it won't puff a sand powder through the pores of the leather?? P.S. been giving it some thought,,what would it be like if you lined the inside with a vinal that didn't have pores??
  2. I'm not a horse guy but I say that looks like "Store-bought" quality,,better
  3. I have a sheath design in the following three picturs of a document. http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa55/skipknives/page1.jpg http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa55/skipknives/page2.jpg http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa55/skipknives/page3.jpg I hop this helps
  4. howdie my nic-name is skipper,,dad was a navy man,,now I make knives.
  5. thanks guys/an galls been holding my breath cuz I was having writers-doughts,,hoping folks would like it P.S. you might want to read it first before you hand it to a child lets call it PG-13 at least
  6. heres the link to the publisher and an excerpt if you click on the button. http://www2.xlibris.com/bookstore/bookdisp...sp?bookid=49239 whee haw,, happy day for me,, i hope you have as good a day as I'm having.
  7. I have a coment about the web cam,,,, it would be nice if as the carera looks down at his hands working,,that it appears on the screen as "I" would be doing the work instead of looking across the table and watching someone else do the job. Did that make since to anyone else??
  8. that is very nice, it all fits perfictly,,,totaly cool
  9. so it might not be broken??,,,ok chalk it up to green computer guy
  10. The counter on my page keeps logging visitors to my page but no new pictures of the visitors has appeared since march 25,,, did I turn somthing off,,,I broke it ,,,help
  11. would it make you feel better if i told you a hero of the story hunts animals and makes clothes from the skins??
  12. Happy days folks that book I told you about back in Jan will be complete and ready for the public in about 45 days. If you hit the link below the first two pictures on my photobucket page show what the book will look like and tells you a little about it as well,,, whee haw http://s196.photobucket.com/albums/aa55/sk...ives/?start=all if you click on the picture you can make it bigger then in the upper left corner click 100% and it will get even larger if your eyes are as bad as mine. PS: its a Fantasy / Adventure
  13. Hey Jordan,, i just saw your sheath,,cool beans,, I have always enjoyed a folded pocket for single edge blades (i think they are stronger)
  14. maybe i need a doctor too cuz i think its cool,,whee haw
  15. just found this thread,,i likes it,,,i thought it was a scooter-seat at first,,
  16. gives new meaning to "Hump-Day",,,Wednesday's will never be the same,,lol
  17. Hay guys just easedropping on this,,i was wondering if the thread drop was from spool chatter,, at the hardware store they sell long brush stock the goes under the front door to keep dirt out,, what would happen if a stretch of that was laid aginst the spool,, i don't know if it will work ,,just a thought,,C YA
  18. oh come on that was the first durty sceen i ever wrote
  19. Me again I tryed to go lay down and get some sleep but no such luck,,so i came back and read your kind words,,thank tou here is a short section of chapter 12 (he clears his throat) the setting is old Europe around 1,250 AD (no wizards or dragons) Matt is the hero,,Thunder is his Shire horse (the biggest one ever seen) Megan is his soul mate/ true love but they don't know it yet: Matt had Thunder walk further out in Megan's direction and as she came down the small path she reached out for one tree then another to slow her slipping and sliding and keep herself from falling as she bounced from tree to tree. When he got closer he heard her scolding herself for being late. "Mr. Cugan's gonna be so mad cuz I'm so late." Matt spoke up and answered her as if they were having a conversation. "No he won't." his voice out of nowhere and her split attention from the slick ground to where the voice came from and the flash of a half man half monster at the edge of the trees she was coming out of made her squeal in fright. Her legs stopped so she wouldn't get near this highway troll that blocked her path but the trees ended and the mud turned to ice under her shoes and she fell back sitting in the mud. As she slid closer to Thunder her hawk like shrill turned into a muffled squeak and stopped at the same time she did. Her surprise kept her from seeing a horse and rider but in the mist. For all she knew she was nose to nose with a gruffy black Troll while sitting in the mud. Matt being as surprised at her fall as she was kept him from saying anything as he jumped down to help her. One more quick squeak escaped her as Matt's boots hit the ground then when she recognized him it dawned on her that not only was she late but now she was covered in mud. With her hands held wide not wanting to touch the mud on her dress she looked down at herself then out of frustration she let her hands fall the rest of the way to the ground. This splashed mud onto the only clean spot on her dress. Her face turned to a pout and held back the tears of frustration.
  20. Hi guys rotton old men like me don't have many friends except you guys sooo Its 3:03Am Jan 28 2008 and i just finished writting my first novel. Its 105,685 words long (30 chapters) its not a political statment or a how to book its a "And they lived happily ever after" kind of book this world has too many problems in it i just wanted to escape for a short time and give it a try. I just hope it isn't trash,,maybe some day i can get it published but i haven't got a clue to the next step i think an editor will cost an arm and a leg so gotta go make some knives to pay for it. anyway thanks for letting me say whee haw,,good night.
  21. Hi guys,,i've been following this and wanted to ask if the piece will remain flat,,ie painting on the wall if so it may last for years but if it is on a piece that flexes i would think it would be much shorter. mind you i have only used oils on canvas, wooden panels and canvas board. to put a finer point on it preping the canvas the medium goes into the weave of the canvas or wood fibers then dries,,,i don't think leather will work that way unless it dosen't flex. PS: i love the translusents for half tones they give depth to a painting http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa55/sk...es/SH100195.jpg they creat the illution of transpairency when painting cloth
  22. let me ask you guys/galls a question,, do you add scented oils that they add to candle wax,, would that destroy the art,,
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