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  1. Ive been looking at hardware from Ohio travel bag, but not sure if other brandies will work with their stuff
  2. What are the post sizes? Do you only use their hardware? Lot of them are listed as metric.
  3. I've been trying to decide on the following hand presses. Craftool pro press, little wonder or Osbourne hand machine. The problem is no one machine offers all the dies I want. My questions: 1. Are any of the dies compatible with each other? 2. If not, what are the sizes of the dies for each machine, or the size of hole's on each machine. (If it came down to it, I could buy the machine with smallest holes and use lathe to turn down posts on larger diameter dies to fit or make/buy adapter)
  4. I’m not the best with how the forum works, but since you @‘d him, he should Get a notification correct? Or should I send him an email
  5. I picked up this little beast for just under $250.1 adjustment screw for blade is not original ( I think) and handle for thickness selector is gone and top smoother over. My original thought was just clean it up and be done, but now I’m thinking about having someone do a restoration on it. I’m having problems finding info and diagrams that are legible. Anyone have decent scans/pics of them? Also thinking of taking some liberties with the paint, maybe red and black with scroll/Sheridan accents???
  6. Just out of curiosity, could you maybe put some more info here? You have over a dozen products and each product has multiple colors and sizes, so essentially you have hundreds of different products. Are you looking for a complete start to finish manufacturer or someone to assemble ready made parts? Approximately how many units per month, or is it made to order? I see your particular about your imported leather so would you be supplying it or would it be up to the new "maker" to import it.
  7. First and foremost after you learn about casing the leather you need to decide how you want it to look. You have to determine what is going to be the foreground part and what will be background, and start there. You separate the 2 with either color, like the Ashley notebook, or with some sort of background stamp like the pic from Djole or with beveling on outside edge of design.
  8. No idea, I would think admin or maybe forum moderator could do it, but I'm sure they have better things to do than sort through outdated posts. Always best to chech the original post date when replying to something.
  9. This for sale post is over 7 years old....... Maybe it should be deleted, just a thought.....
  10. 22 magnum? Thats a lot of tiny shell loops!!!! Those must have taken forever, LOL
  11. I have to admit that I love your style, and it transfers to leather work in an amazing way!
  12. Very cool. How is it attached? Is it attached to large belt or corset? Have any other pics showing more?
  13. With the exception of the metal gromets, that looks like it came straight out of the past and would be in a museum! Reminds me of cave paintings back home. Very nice work, great style in my opinion.
  14. Very cool! One question, how do you go about sewing zipper in to a curve? Ive been looking for a video or something for awhile and no luck.
  15. That would be hilarious to see!! Was he riding a Segway too??
  16. Oh, what the hell..(slaps hand to head) .LMAO That's exactly what they are... Talk about a brain fart, I even saw Grey ghost graphics site when searching and dismissed it because I thought it was a graphic design site.. Thanks bikermutt
  17. I picked up an assortment of leather tools and these were in with them. Wood handle (not sure what type) but has flat side similiar to Japanese awls, Metal looks and feels like possibly surgical type steel, round and very sharp needle like tip. Only marks are Grey Ghost 1,2 and 3. Anyone have any idea about age or uses for them?
  18. That looks great. Hard to tell from pic if that's white or more of a cream color. What did you use for coloring?
  19. From what I've seen, it seems like things like that are used for burnishing without using friction/force to generate heat (especially with thin soft leather). Also when using like a wax based substance on edges it liquefies and lets it penetrate easily. Could also probably use it as a "hot" bone folder for heat molding leather.. But I'm a newbie, so not 100% on uses
  20. So I recently came into a box of craft-aids (around 150+) and I'm looking for suggestions on how best to organize them. I don't want to sort them by what they are designed for, as belts, wallets, bags etc... because more than likely if I use them they will be used on anything i feel like putting them on. Some ideas Ive had are: 1. Numerically but photo copy them all and make a flip book to look at. 2. By size, area able to cover 3. By style as in animals, landscapes, flowers, symbols, letters and numbers etc... Comments? suggestions? What works for you when sorting patterns?
  21. Thanks for the shoedo.com option, ill have a look there. Really enjoy watching Lisa's videos and she has a lot of great stuff in her notions store, but unfortunately every time I look for lasts there, they are always out of stock!!! I'm just about to the point of trying to carve my own!!! So as a hint, everyone start buying stock with bandaid companies!!!! LOL
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