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  1. TheModifier

    Busted saddle bag seam

    even Mink oil may take a few applications to start to soften it enough to get it pliable again.
  2. TheModifier

    Pattern app

    wen searching for pattern add the words "line art" to the end of your search term. For example floral pattern line art
  3. TheModifier

    Natural Beeswax ... the last for this year

    Not sure if you have a Michaels craft store, but I found a 1Lb bar here in Ontario, Canada.
  4. TheModifier

    Bible cover W.I.P.

    You certainly have talent for leatherwork. Well done!
  5. TheModifier


    You certainly have the tallent for it. Keep up the fantastic work.
  6. TheModifier


    if you re-case it you may be able to use a modelling spoon to move the eye area to your liking.
  7. TheModifier

    my xmass present to me.....

    Nice! And your bouncing back. Now lets see what you can do with your new purchase. I look forward to seeing your creative side back and ramping up. Sorry for your loss, but I'm sure that you already know that your wife would want you to get back up and enjoy life. Looks like you're making a good start. Welcome back.
  8. TheModifier


    I wish that those prices where in Canadian and you lived down the road. It looks well take care of.
  9. TheModifier

    Swivel knife pouch pattern

    Before, the stretching and forming may alter the dying coverage.
  10. TheModifier

    logo stamp

    We couldn't be happier with our quality from Nick. You get what you pay for comes to mind. The crisp clean impressions that our stamp makes is amazing. Budget does play a roll in getting a stamp.
  11. TheModifier

    storing leather products - mold, mildew?

    As electricians, we install a lot of THESE in bathrooms. But they are to control the humidity caused by hot bath and shower water. Just another option for you.
  12. TheModifier

    logo stamp

    Agreed, I highly recommend Nick. He made ours out of brass so we could use it with an arbor press. Very knowledgable.