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  1. Thanks, it was dyed with diluted feibings pro oil red, probably more like salmon colour than orange in real life. I'll have to have a look to see if I have a photo of the inside as I've given this away so I no longer have it.
  2. Thanks for the kind comments everyone, I'll keep on plodding on till I get to the messenger bag one day. I've managed to managed to make another good learning mistake with my current wallet but spotted it this time before I began the final stitching so that's a sign of improvement.
  3. My modest workspace, lots more stuff on shelves above its surprising how much stuff you can acquire if you are that way inclined J Just found this photo of my first ever attempt at leatherwork
  4. Thought I’d show off a few of my beginner attempts, any advice appreciated as I know I have a long way to go before I produce anything like the standard of work I see on here. I’m still very much a beginner as I only started with leatherwork a few months ago and only seem to manage 2/3 hours or so a week so my progress is somewhat slow. I’m learning all the time from my mistakes and fortunately I seem to manage to make several mistakes on everything I’ve made so far. The advice on here has been incredibly useful (thank you) as has the numerous you tube videos especially Ian Atkinson, Armitage Leather, Uk Saddlery, Kinnari Leather & Makesupply to name a few. I’ve very recently progressed from using leather from Le Prevo’s scrap bin to buying their veg tan goat and dying the leather myself. I must admit that move has been very gratifying I am enjoying making things so much more now as the sense of satisfaction is so much more having started with a goat hide and ending up with a functioning item. From my beginning a few months ago of wanting to make a strop for my straight razor I then did a few watch straps but there are only so many watch straps I can make for myself. I then thought what the hell I’ll give wallets a go. I do this purely as a hobby therefore I’ve been donating what I’ve made to a local care home where my mother resides that caters for people with dementia. They sell them to raise funds for activities for the residents this gives me the momentum to carry on as I seem to have run out of friends who need new wallets, because of this I’m thinking of having a go at some keyring fobs just for a change. Who knows I may one day end up making a messenger bag but I think I’m quite some way from doing that yet but one day I’ll get there. This is my first attempt at making a wallet This is probably my 4th belt I made this one for my nephew These were the first thing I made where I dyed the leather myself My 5th sketchbook cover but the first where I dyed the leather myself My most recent finished wallet with work in progress on another in the background
  5. I ordered a basket weave stamp a couple of days ago via etsy and I was notified this morning it has now been dispatched so the turn around is good. I've never done any stamping before so I don't think I'd be the best person to comment on the quality though.
  6. Hi I’m totally new to leather craft and having only made a few wallets and belts in the last few weeks. Today I have been trying to sort out my saddle stitch having watched numerous YouTube videos. After several goes today the following is my best attempt so far how does this measure up is this close to what I need to achieve? I took a few photos mainly to help me remember what I did. I’d appreciate any advice on any mistakes I am making. The top of the stitch holes were leaning towards me and I began with the left needle going through the hole first and the right needle placed in front of it.. I have a few questions if I use the right needle first which way should I cast the stitch I have wrapped the closest thread to me clockwise (looking from the left side) in this example for right priority I assume it is one of the right threads but which one and in which direction? If the hole has the bottom slanting towards me I think my right needle goes behind the left and I put the right needle through the bottom of the hole do I then cast the thread nearest me anticlockwise? Hopefully this makes sense I would have continued to practice this to try to sort it out myself but unfortunately due to recently contracting trigger thumb I have had to stop for today. Thanks any advice appreciated
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