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  1. thanks for sharing i will order soon and also recommend others.
  2. we welcome you in this forum.
  3. wow awesome and these are your first time projects.
  4. i like your post and want to give you a suggestion that youtube video search is better.
  5. have anyone tried jute bags eve in this forum because they are fashionable and in trend again.
  6. really nice and the photo-shoot at different places is also very good. great job well done.
  7. nice color and the purse. the way you have stitched it is very good, and design is very execution
  8. sry dear i have no idea about it. because i dont know what about the clips are you talking.
  9. Surface grinder and tool & cutter grinding machines used to achieve fine finishing and change the dimensions of hard material work by moving back-and-forth inside the work piece hollow. Tool & cutter grinding machines are available for grinding tools and other devices. Please write your reviews! Heavy duty geared lathe machine | surface grinder | tool & cutter grinder | hydraulic shop press | manual power press |universal vertical milling machine | horizontal shaper machine | shaping machine | 3 | 4 jaw chuck
  10. daljitgroup


    Hi am daljit nice to meet you all
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