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    my family, my homeland South Africa, Great outdoors, desert areas and plants and animals found there, old school objects and looks, old leatherworking tools

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    wallets, men’s luggage, belts, men’s accessories
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    Luggage techniques, good quality solid brass accessories and clasps etc..old techniques and tools
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    From the cobra leathermachine company site

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  1. Really great wish you could pick these up in Germany, Europe..
  2. Hi I have a new brown cobra np4 skiving machine.It is great except cobra make them now without the brass presser foot bracket at top of machine and the roller bracket turning arm, which used to also be in solid brass. See my picture they are not in brass, does anyone know if I can change them to the brass parts and if so where are they available?. I stay in Münich, Germany cant load picture at presant thanks for the help guys'
  3. updn

    What glue ?

    Thanks guys will perservere........
  4. updn

    What glue ?

    i used this renia aquilium 315 on m machine sewn goods..The only Problem is it came apart very quickly. This was very frustrating because I messed up some of my edges. is this because I tried to glue it before it was completely dry and it was used on the shiny top side and m edges we’re not sanded.? Any tips guys and gals....of can I use other glues for machine sewn goods?
  5. Motocouture ....your edges look great.....your description helps me to proceed to a better result....time consuming but the effect is sweet... Your design and edge stitching is stunning...what thread are you using...quite thin hey! keep up the nice work
  6. Tom, his leather has a great smooth inside...not too rough....I have just ordered some myself..you can use it undyed aswell....good back side
  7. Tom, a lot of leather guys use old machines like that but I would try it first before you buy it. Please remember the leather you need being 0,8 mm is very thin and I am not sure the machine gives an even result for that thickness. Martin sells a cobra class 14 electrical machine, it is Awsome and gives a very regular thickness throughout....Bit it costs over €3000. I would rather recommend to buy his thin leather first, he also has small pieces....It is natural vegtan so you have to dye it yourself... charles
  8. Hey Tom Braun you can buy just that type of leather from Martin 0,8 to 1 mm vegtan He is in Fünfstetten. His shop is www.dieledermacher.de. He also has other great qualities....Or buy a cobra splitter from him....I wish I could afford one....Good Luck
  9. Thanks Bikernutt, John and Brian..that was just the prototype , on the finished wallet have used edge coat from Fiebings with a hot iron burnish ( quicker than hand burnished - would take too long ) .The cut out openings are done with my 9cm beer coaster steel cut out, the finish here is more exact than hand cutting the corners...I have tried to line the top flap on the finished wallet, but it was rather a bubble effect ( leather used is 0,8cm vegtan plain undyed).. will post pictures when finished.
  10. Very good work...well done
  11. Roughly 18cm x 11 cm and about 4cm depth, fits well in a back trouser pocket..type of biker style
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