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  1. That is not the purpose of piping. Piping is used when the seams are turned in. I may be wrong but I don't think the directions referred to the edges when they specified to complete this before sewing. Look at edge finishing videos and most should sew before painting or burnishing the edge. Then it takes the appearance of a single piece of leather. I would not take it apart. I would hold the edges against the belt sander to even them up. Then use edge beveler to clean the fuzz up. Then burnish. Then paint if you desire. Be careful when sanding to not get too aggressive beyond making both pieces even and straight.
  2. Did you paint your edges before sewing? If you have a belt sander you can use a finer grit and sand the excess off, then refinish your edges. Just remove enough so both edges are flat. Use a beveler after sanding. Then burnish the edges together. As mentioned before when using contact cement, make sure you let both pieces air dry before pressing together. Depending on the application sometimes I use basting tape instead of cement. Doesn't hold as well but is alot easier.
  3. If the case is lined you could use a stiffener between the leather and lining. Springfield sells bontex in sheets 48x60 in various thicknesses. If you aren't lining the case you can cover the bontex with fabric and make it a tight fit and press it in each side.
  4. Deanr

    Bull hide apron

    Nice job Been there with the kickback a time or two. I have to always remember to stand about a foot to the left.
  5. "In style" is an understatement. That is some quality work!
  6. Deanr

    1st Wallet.

    I think you did an excellent job on the basket weave, as well as the rest.
  7. That is impressive. Something to be proud of! The side by side picture is classic. On the old belt why would they punch holes all the way around?
  8. Deanr


    Everything looks good but I really like that lower knife sheath.
  9. That is impressive basket weave. What is the stamp you used. May I ask how you maintain your alignment?
  10. Nice work. Love the tooled feathers. Nice change from what I normally see.
  11. I do duffle bags, each one has a side pocketsimilar to yours and a center zipper. I was a little intimidated until my first one. Then I realized how easy it is when using a machine. Trust me, the other operations on your bag are more complicated.
  12. I really like the bag. Clean looking with nice stitching. If there is one thing I would look at is the outside pocket. Maybe put a zipper for the opening about an inch down. Brass of course. Also maybe fold the top over to address that raw edge. Might look good if you skived it down a bit. Just my opinion
  13. Good job,I like it. I started drilling my stitching holes and now use an .8 mm punch chucked in my drill press. I like the results. Makes for much more enjoyable stitching and cleaner looking results.
  14. Thats awesome work. I really like how you get your stitch line so close to the edge. Do you stitch that close or do you sand it down?
  15. I think it looks awesome and he should be happy.
  16. Nice hats What type and power laser are you using?
  17. Rocky, That is one nice looking bag. I have looked at these in the past and it appears that the type the op posted are nailed with any stitching as decorative or have the edges rolled and stitched. Either way I don't think the stitching Penetrates the wood.
  18. That is a beautiful design and some excellent craftsmanship. Love the work on the sunflower. Do you ever have any trouble with the rivets on the handle holding up over time? What weight is the leather?
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