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  1. Juki part number 21155502. See pics for thickness but let me know if need any other measurements. $250 including insured shipping to lower 48. PayPal, money order or cash upon pick up in Henderson, KY 42420.
  2. What Wiz said. To illustrate, find spring #16 on rear of machine. Screw #18 presses down on the spring, so loosen screw from top of machine. It's a small hole so you'll need a narrow slotted screwdriver.
  3. Consew 226, 226R-1, or 226R-2. AFAIK those are complete model numbers. Searching here on LW for 226 should get you lots of info.
  4. Video shows a similar hack to the LMC one that Wiz mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6CCxv3i4No
  5. 3", but it doesn't have to be exact. Taller and machine won't tilt back as far. Contact should be somewhere around the point of the arrow.
  6. There should be a hole in the table for a head rest pin. If no hole, I use a 19/32" drill bit.
  7. Cowboy CB4500 in excellent condition, located in Western, KY 42420. Additional pics upon request. $2,750. Pick up only, no shipping. Includes: fitted flat table platform, three packs of leather point needles (sizes 25, 26, & 27), blanket foot set, double toe harness foot set, right harness foot, slotted needle plate, holster plate, stirrup plate, bobbins, swing-away roller edge guide, clamp-on light, wax lube pot, screwdrivers and accessories as pictured. Plus machine, servo motor with speed reducer, table and thread stand of course. The stitches in the pic are not the best since I used a round point #25 needle with #277 thread on top and bottom. I will have size 25 leather point needles in a few days.
  8. The splitter is no longer available.
  9. Sorry to hear of your father's passing. I sent you an email.
  10. eBay is one source. There is a small bobbin version of the CU-865 and also a larger one that uses an M bobbin. On the model plate under CU-865 it should have a 12 or 22. 12 is the small bobbin version, 22 is the larger. If you need Koban or Hirose hook part numbers to help with your search, let me know.
  11. Vintage/antique Whitfield leather splitter No. 599. The tag reads Whitfield, Hodgsons & Brough Ltd. Boot Repairing Machinery Specialists. I am not a leatherworker, but will do my best to answer any questions. The crank turns easily and the knob on the top horizontal shaft adjusts the distance between the rollers. The blade is 7.5" wide and 3/8" thick and will need to be sharpened at a minimum. The splitter weighs 108 lbs. From the few pictures I have found on the internet, the machine appears to be missing a piece of what looks to be angle iron on the infeed side. See pic with arrow. This pic was found here on leatherworker.net. The splitter is located in Henderson, KY 42420 (just south of Evansville, IN) and at this time, I am not willing to ship. $1,750 and can hold for up to 90 days with a $100 non-refundable deposit.
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