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  1. yup, need a conditioner, and you need to actually work the leather to loosen it up/make it more pliable. the thicker the leather, the stiffer it will be. btw - Hermann Oak is veg tan, just a specific tannery that produces a high quality product - kind of like the difference between a Hyundai and Rolls Royce. Both are vehicles, but one is built to a much higher standard
  2. getting good feed back from current students is not really the goal here, is it? the goal is to attract NEW students - and to do that, you need to sell yourself and your courses. who are you? What gives you the qualifications to teach? Give course outlines - course one - students will learn ___________________ course two - students will learn ___________________ and so on. Just throwing up a website with video courses posted on it is not good enough - You need to give people a DAMNED good reason to want to pay for your courses I wish you well in your venture, but honestly think you have a lot more work to do to make it viable
  3. i have that same affliction... it is a symptom of OTD (Old Timers Disease) LOL we suffer from misplaced items here as well... either found when looking for something else, or immediately after buying another... sometimes the original item is never seen again..
  4. Agree 100%!! The day we should stop learning is the day we are put 6ft under! I love learning new things and there is still plenty out there to learn =)
  5. we have a Mossberg 500 pump action 12ga, with interchangeable barrels (smooth and rifled) that holds 6 shells fully loaded, one in the chamber - so yeah, 6 would be ideal I bought the little Savage .22 rifle for critter control... the rabbits can get a bit out of hand out here and the shotgun is a bit much for that. I can handle it if i have to, but dang my shoulder is sore for a week afterwards, LOL the .22 is just a lot easier for me i wont tell if you dont tell, LOL seriously tho, it looks fine and I am sure he will get many years of use from it.
  6. and i didnt quote you, did i? Honestly, I think i like your version better, Chuck, nice and compact, and well put together. We dont have anything that requires shells of that size, so... not big enough for the shotgun (that would get rather bulky quickly), and far too big for the savage .22, lol - for the handguns, i think i would rather just have 2nd clips...
  7. ummm... that looks like 6 to me, not 5, lol
  8. i can see doing cones of several different heights and creating an arrangement out of them.. with either the LED or real tea lights - personal choice.. such a simple design, but ingenious at the same time. as for the other thing.. it comes down to using a bit of common sense. Common sense says you never leave candles burning unattended, period. and make sure that whatever the candle is on/in is high enough off the furniture to not get too hot.. dinner plate thickness, to me, is not thick enough and I would have put something under it - a decorative trivet or something. ideally you want a bit of airspace underneath.
  9. those have nothing to do with the bridle - they are for heavy horse collars
  10. Wawak is the place to buy zipper and zipper parts wawak.com
  11. very nice! thank you for posting these
  12. very nice work on everything! altho.. would like to see more of the watch strap than the watch. (ie: lay it flat so all of the strap can be seen, rather than mostly the face)
  13. not necessarily, as others have already said.. it happens a lot more frequently than you would think
  14. actually, yes, you can keep it - it gives the item a special character that it wouldn't otherwise have. Aaron of Maker's Leather Supply frequently uses them as accents for a bag he is making. It is all about how you view them, tbh.. you can view them as undesirable, or you can view them as an asset, something totally unique to that particular bag. I have a side right now that has not just one, but TWO different branding marks - one on the hind quarters, one on the shoulder... just need to decide how i want to use them.
  15. the cost of a one armed bandits just makes no sense to me.. far too expensive for what they are. especially the Weaver one.. for just a couple hundred more I can get a Class 26 cylinder arm (or similar)... why would anyone pay $2000 for a manually operated machine??
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