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  1. somebody must have asked the right people... check this out https://www.springfieldleather.com/Craftmaster-Push-Beveller
  2. thanks @PastorBob - and I do try to learn something new everyday, regardless of what it is... the day we stop learning is the day they put us 6ft under. =P
  3. thank you, very much.. i spent many hours watching videos - lots and lots of videos! before i ever picked up a tool sewing comes naturally to me, I learned that from my Grandmother when I was very young.. learned on the very machine i now own. the artistic side, well, i have always had, or so I am told... leather is just a new medium for me.
  4. New here and new to leather crafting. Have always admired well crafted leather goods and tooling? oh yeah! so i have finally decided to try my hand at this craft, and so far I am enjoying it very much. still trying to decide which way I really want to go, thus the different pieces.. 1. suede teddy bear, 2. pistol case made of Cowboy pull-up, lined with natural shearling, 3. veg tan skull votive and 4. the front & back panels for what will be another pistol case the teddy bear is all suede, body seams stitched on my grandmother's old Necchi Lelia 513 that I inherited, the other stuff is (or will be) all hand stitched. I also have a small-ish satchel bag I made using a dieselpunk-ro pattern (love his stuff!) - need to take some pics of that yet. the tooled panels are my first "real" attempt at tooling.. I did a bit of fooling around on some scrap pieces to get a feel for the tools, and to see how well my hands could handle doing it (arthritis issues). I know it is not perfect, not by any stretch, but feel i did ok for a beginner. the basket weave is all hand cut and beveled.. couple of goofs in there, but these are for myself at this point, so I am ok with it.
  5. imho, it is "genuine" leather, but it is not "top grain" leather.. it is a lower grade split that has been treated to look like top grain, as most commercial grade upholstery leather is actually recently read something about the subject, just wish i could remember where I read it...
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