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  1. The rifle sling season usually fires up in early September and runs through Christmas. This is the first one for this season. Made from Hermann Oak, 44" Long using the KHS Rifle Sling Template from Black River Laser. Chief
  2. Thanks, Thanks Thanks Wild Bill, I was in your area last week, one of these times when I'm coming up we need to get together and trade secrets, etc. Chief
  3. They start at $79.95 and go up depending on whether they're hand carved or just tooled. Hand carving takes them to $99.95, double layered start at 159.95, that includes stitching if they want them laced then that adds $50.00. Lacing is time consuming, sewing is done on a sewing machine, doesn't take nearly as long.
  4. I don't like taking the chance of dye bleed on shirts, and I've never liked the look of dyed flesh side of leather, I like it better when it looks like leather. If I double layer the strap then both sides are dyed, but then the backsides are glued together and don't show. Just me, but there is an option to have the back dyed when they order and I've not had very many take that option. I'll dye it and seal it if they want but most don't want it. Chief
  5. What a nice compliment. I have a video out on you tube concerning the arrowhead basket weaving technique, hadn't thought about the others since they are pretty standard and there's lots of folks out here that do basket weave better than I. I will try to get in the shop and do some techniques on video and get it posted. Chief Standard width for guitar straps is 2-1/2 inches but I've made them from 1-1/2 to 3-1/2" wide for different folks. Thanks, Chief
  6. I use Fiebing's Aussie, I coat both the front and back then heat with a heat gun until it liquifies, then wipe off the excess. This provides shielding against perspiration and also conditions the leather. Then I put 1 or 2 coats of Resolene on the front side. The Aussie is like "Sno Seal" it acts as a moisture prevention. Instrument straps that are used a lot get subjected to sweat. Hope that helps.
  7. Are you cutting the Resolene, most people cut it 50/50 with distilled water and then you should make sure that you only apply one or two very light coats, most cracking results from applying too much resolene. Your picture looks like there is a fairly substantial build up of finish. There are other finishes, but Resolene is a staple in the leather working world, with Clear Lac being another. Some folks use Mop and Glo floor polish cut 50/50 with distilled water. I have used it and it seems a lot like Resolene and I don't think your results would be any better. Chief
  8. Thanks, I don't get up to Kentucky, I do the ones in Georgia, and a few in Florida and Alabama. I make Resogat every year in Wilkesboro, NC. Wish I could get up to KY, I used to live in Clarksville just south of Hopkinsville back in the 70's and played around there some then.
  9. Thanks, Thanks for the nice comments about my tutorials. Good luck on your first guitar strap. Chief
  10. Thanks, Thanks, Chief
  11. I have templates drawn in Inkscape, but it is just a simple T-pocket wallet assembly. This is a printout of the interior design 6PocketWalletInterior.pdf
  12. I do these kind of things, you can reach me at chief31794 {at} yahoo DOT com. Chief
  13. More stuff for a festival next month. 2 Attachment type banjo straps, a cradle type banjo strap and 2 mandolin straps for F-style mandolins. Chief
  14. Absolutely Beautiful!!! Excellent craftsmanship.
  15. Thank you, Chief