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  2. Singer 241 bad stitches

    If those thread loops are the bobbin thread coming out the top, increase the bobbin tension. If that is the top thread coming out on the bottom, increase the top tension. Also, I recommend downsizing to #69 thread, top and bobbin, with a #18 needle.
  3. Box for watches

  4. How to clean mildew off

    I’m thinking take a horse hair brush and get the crap off then go find you some Aussie leather conditioner from fiebings and get that stuff on their and do it every 2 months or so. FYI Tandy sells it and they have a website that sells it. Plus brush off weekly if not daily to keep clean. This product waterproofs the leather completely and works great!
  5. Just threaded up my machine for the first time. 92 bonded nylon. #20?? needles? I keep breaking thread even if the tensioner is rattling loose. there are 3 holes on the machine I have used all 3 every way I could and switched to only two... Discovered that it is never tight before the tightener. The thread was seeming to pull easily, it certainly pulls easily from the bobbin. I have followed all directions, and tried 3 diff bobbins The machine thread keeps breaking leaving me with the mess below. The darker leather is the bottom bobbin side what needs adjusting?? Heeeeeellllllpppppp
  6. How to clean mildew off

    So my wife has stored her horse tack in the shed outside that is getting more moisture than we thought. A lot of her gear has this white mildew that I want to clean off before it gets worse. What would you guys use to fix this and other than move the gear inside the house, are there any products that could help prevent this in the future? The leather was in good shape, conditioned, and relatively new. Thanks in advance. -Mike
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  8. Cylinder Arm/Binder

    I have been asked lately to repair Hockey equipment . The final step quite often is edge binding. I have a Binder mounted on Adler 267/373 table top machine and it works very well for product you can fit into the sewing area. When I do large Goalie pads , Blocker Mitts and Catcher Mitts, unless I completely disassemble them I am unable to get them near the Binder. I am shopping for a Cylinder arm machine with a binder. Is there anybody here that would have a suggestion where to start? I have an Artisan 4000 (large frame chinese copy of a Juki 441 ) could a binder be applied to the Artisan?
  9. I use printer paper first then cardboard for a template and the tracing film for carving
  10. I think to use tan kote and that’s what I use on my belts and it works great. But being new u also could use Aussie from fiebings( sold at Tandy) or I make a concoction of beeswax and neetsfoot oil melted and blended together also works good. Good luck
  11. Hey man if the holster is for work than who cares but am curious about buffing technique that made the lines Good job young feller
  12. If you look on d old utube you gonna find some kiddy named Bruce Chaney and that dude cut off some of them good ol feetz and he done made a film on it
  13. I picked up a damaged Juki lu-562 as a project...keep in mind this is a project machine and not a mission critical money maker. It seems to have been squished under something heavy and the underside of the bed has a crack running the entire width of the bed, but not completely through to the top. The nose of the bed is bent upward about 1/8", which not surprisingly, has the shafts half bound up. On the plus side the shafts do not appear to be bent since rotating them by hand produces even resistance. Its easy to argue the most proper fix is replacing the bed and or entire head from a donor machine. Are beds and upper portions matched and/or machined as a unit? Im sure there are some damaged upper heads with intact beds that would be free or nearly so. Even if they are mated early in the manufacturing process it doesn't seem outrageously complicated to machine off a little to shrink the neck, or cut a shim to raise it. Along the same lines are all 562's the same? How about 563's - do they share most parts with the 562 other than the larger hook, or have a number of other bits been upgraded? The crack doesn't cross any bearing bosses or other spots that might omit welding or brazing as options. Proper welding techniques on cast iron are well documented by all the big venders - a lot of preheat, nickel rods, long drawn out post heat slowly bringing the temperature down over many hours. I've never heard if arc or TIG produces better odds of success? Brazing options seem to be either lower strength silicone bronze (doable with a dc TIG, which I have), or much stronger aluminum bronze (requires AC TIG similar to what's required for aluminum welding). I'm not a huge fan of brazing since it has to be built up more than the original iron and will always look like a repair every time the head is tilted back for oiling or cleaning.
  14. Schmetz needle for thread '20' thick

    Lowering the needle bar to accommodate short needles has the consequence of endangering the bottom of the needle bar thread guide and tops of the presser and alternating feet. Compensating by lowering the height and lift of the feet means less sewing thickness capacity under the feet.
  15. slim jim holster

    Ya that’s an idea I like... let me keep reading
  16. Nice... snow in zew Mexico interesting
  17. Didn't see that you were in Oz, yeah Port Arthur changed everything
  18. Box for watches

    Great job. I remember you showing the box a little while back. Glad to see it completed.
  19. Mouse Pad

    I've only been at it about 3.5 years. But there was probably almost 2 years of breaks in that time. I'm a late bloomer and a procrastinator.
  20. Durkopp Adler 272 full function needle feed

    Still for sale. Still would need to be shipped on a pallet via freight, which would probably cost nearly $300 to a residential address, and I'd spend better part of a day arranging it. Send me a PM with your address if you're interested in having this machine shipped to you. It is a very nice machine and definitely worth more than $600.
  21. Backpack

    That's funny... I guess that nice grey hide I have means the next pack might have to be less dainty
  22. Headstalls

    Are you wanting to sew forward as far as possible towards the buckle and back up, or sew across the leather to close the buckle in? If you want to sew up to the buckle and back, a single left toe, or double toe "harness foot set" on a 441 clone will do that. To also sew across the plane of the buckle, the left only toe foot will place the needle within 1/8 inch of the tightly folded leather. Any throat plate you get with that machine will do. I use a Cowboy CB4500 for these kinds of jobs. I also use it to sew holsters, gun belts, knife and axe sheathes, bridles, saddle fleece relines, belts, et al. I have a good friend who uses a Cobra Class 4 to sew all of the commercial leather goods he sells, including holsters, rifle slings and guitar straps. These machines come stock with a narrow harness foot set. You can also get very close to buckles if you have a Union Lockstitch or Campbell Lockstitch machine with a short toe foot.
  23. That's probably a 1/8"-44 or #5-44 screw written in weird metric/imperial mishmash dimensions. 1/8"=3.175mm That missing hook screw might be tough to find individually. Your best bet may be to buy a cheap hook that has a good chance of using the same screw. I doubt Hirose invented a new screw for each of their hundreds of hook variations. One candidate is the Hirose HSH-7.94B hook, which is used in dozens of machines and therefore cheap. Available for around $15 on Ebay and I guess some of our trusty banner vendor have them, too. At this prices, the clone manufacturers have little incentive to make their own. Here's the list of machines this hook fits, according to the Hirose Catalog (Hirose Catalog Low Resolution OCR.pdf) :
  24. Kwikprint Model 86 on Craigslist

    OP advised that this item is no longer listed for sale. Tom
  25. Mouse Pad

    Yep, I sometimes get excited about an idea and want to just throw together an example to see how it would work, with the intention of taking my time and doing a "good" one afterwards. I've been doing this off and on for 40 years, mostly off, and I still get excited pounding on leather. : )
  26. Durkopp Adler 272 full function needle feed

    Still for sale?
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