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    Ok! I've been getting this poblem a lot so it's nice to have some help. Thanks!
  3. New Man Bag

    Took more than a few episodes of Law and Order. From a Nigel Armitage pattern.
  4. Singer 111W155 Rehab

    Guys is this right? Thanks, Will
  5. Bracelets

    Nice! What are you using for color? I noticed that some of the bracelets have color in the inside, too. Any particular reason for that?
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  7. Singer 111W155 Rehab

    Thanks Dikman post and the tips. More later... Will in Central Florida
  8. FYI, here's what the avenger looked like when finished.
  9. TrentonP, Here is an Avenger style pattern for a 4" GP-100. The corner on the back side didn't fit on the scan but if you fold it down the middle you can use the front to fill that in. Make your outside cut line 3/16 away from the stitch line and extend the top of the back piece for your belt loop and you're in business. Good luck with your project. Josh 4 GP100 Avenger.pdf
  10. 2x Plough Gauge - 1x 4" Blanchard + 1x 6" other Brand

    6" Plough Gauge:
  11. Bracelets

    Hello! Got some new colours to my collection, and what better way to check them out if not on some simple bracelets. Personally i like the cherry one the most but all are nice. What do you guys/girls think?
  12. I´m selling these 2 vintage plough gauges. Both blades require sharpening. On either plough gauge 1 screw has a bad screw head but I´m sure you can cut a slot and solder or weld in a round or oval piece of sheet metal or even a small metal ball with hole... or the like - not a too big issue I think. maybe some of the leatehr tool dealer have spare screws... You know em - check with em. The Blanchard has measures in Inch & Centimeter and the other one only in Centimeter. See below pictures for details. 10cm / 4" Plough Gauge (Blanchard, Paris made): 200€ / $240 + 9.50€ / $12 for registered & insured worldwide Airmail shipping 15xm / 6" Plough Gauge (to me unknown maker stamp looks like a horse): 200€ / $240 + 9.50€ / $12 for registered & insured worldwide Airmail shipping If you want both I take care of the shipping costs. Shipping is trackable through USPS website Some pictures: 10cm / 4" Blanchard Plough Gauge:
  13. Here is a thread on similar subject.
  14. Very thin leather used to wrap peices?

    Probably just very thin chrome tanned leather. (Garment/upholstery leather) Ian Atkinkson has a video on doing turned edges.
  15. 2x Plough Gauge - both Blanchrd, Paris - Or Not?

    They are for sale by the way - will list em in the market place section.
  16. Cowboy 3200 issue with tension adjuster HELP

    Wow Uwe, that seems to be the definitive solution!
  17. Cape falcon

    Pouncing ( note the letter U in there ) "poncing" is something different ( it is a slang/argot word, and is a "bad word" for something else ) "pouncing" is how the designs ( or cartoons* ) for frescoes ( like the Sistine chapel for example ) were transferred to walls and ceilings..very appropriate word for falconry, hawks, eagles falcons owls etc ( in fact all "birds of prey" ) are said to pounce on their prey..sometimes in older English they are said to "stoop" onto their prey.. *the rough sketches that were made for frescoes etc is where the word cartoons comes from. "pounce" is also used to describe the actions that cats and dogs, and even spiders ( and in general all carnivores ) do , when they jump on their prey to attack it. Nice work D2G ps ..I have a "pouncing wheel" somewhere, looks a lot like what leatherworkers call a "pricking wheel" used to run along the lines ( piercing them ) of the overlay drawing ( cartoon ) when it is fastened to the surface ( wall, whatever ) that you want to transfer the design to.
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    It's not cut weird. It stretched from stamping. You have to back it with packing tape or rubber cement it to a piece of cardboard to help stop it stretching.
  19. I'm surprised the throat plate's mounting holes don't line up perfectly. I suspect the holes line up perfectly on an original Juki TSC-441. Ideally, the mounting holes in the throat plate would be elongated/slotted to allow for slight variability in mounting hole location. I don't know what type of coating Kwok Hing uses on these parts, but it's definitely their high-end surface treatment. Not all of the Kwok Hing parts have this special coating. @Wizcrafts: I'm not sure the throat plate and feed dog are available separately as a two-part kit. The four-part kit I had ordered included specialty edge guide feet and was not cheap, even by Kwok Hing standards. I don't plan to order any more, especially since the mounting holes don't line up perfectly.
  20. Make sure you have maximum alternating foot lift dialed in when you have to make big steps up and down. The alternating foot lift adjustment is described on pages 22/23 of the Singer 211G165 Service manual. Many leatherworkers adjust their machine for maximum alternating foot lift and never change it after that. Normally, both feet are adjusted to lift an equal height as they walk. In some instances it makes sense to purposely make the alternating foot lift uneven to allow the machine to take a bigger step up or down. For a big step down, you actually want to make the rear presser foot lift higher than the inner walking foot (it may sound counter-intuitive, but it works). Taking a big step down is often harder than stepping up. ,This is because it takes just one step/stitch to step up, but usually takes several step/stitches to step down again from a ledge (until the rear presser foot clears the high part.) The rear presser foot only lifts up if the inner walking foot presses down on the material. If the inner walking foot cannot step down far enough to press against the material the rear presser foot will not lift up and the material will not advance properly.
  21. Cape falcon

    Hello everybody. I've had time to make my promise, so... Sewing a hood dGinLeatherCraft, thank you for notice. Yesterday try to search the word with a translator and not obtain solution, so good, we can use poncing ha ha. DP: Oh damn, I read myself say peace of leather, ha ha, piece of leather I meant.
  22. Hello Andrew! What type of laser cutter do you use? I'm thinkink to buy a cheap one from gearbest (China) about 200 $. 2500 MW laser is enough to cut 2 mm leather? Thank you. Zapee
  23. Most popular gun and holster?

    Looks like I'll be working on holsters for J-frame snubbies then. Most of my other favorite guns are older and not very popular with today's crowd, though - such as Sig P232, S&W 3913, etc..
  24. Toad Skin Leather?

    Where do you find low cost Toad Skin Leather? I'd prefer a non china source.
  25. Problem sewing multiple layers with 211g165

    I think if you could post a picture of the work and the feet close in could help. I think I understand the problem but would like to see it before possibly leading you wrongly. It may not be practical but would it work to spin the job around and tackle it in reverse? Shorter jump off point to go over I'm thinking and no back foot to hold it up then. Brian
  26. How I make Wedding Ring Boxes

    Glad to hear you like it. I've been thinking its got to boring. Should be getting close to finished now. I use mostly Auto Cad for the drawings as that is what I've used for years with the pattern work and then convert the files to stl files. Any 3d printer will work with them and Cura is where the instructions get sorted. For instance the block being printed above is at 30% density and the cups are printed at100%. There are quite a few free various versions out there now. I will now show how I insert the foam section. A few dabs of pva glue work well here. A new locating ring helps to position the foam and acts like a piston ring compressor.The same tool is used to form the velvet over the foam block before this step. A little push in here sits it into the glue as well. Next is the lid section and first is to insert the satin embossed logo. A dab of contact holds this in place and is further held by lids Grosgrain piece. Below I am preparing a packing strip before the Grosgrain strip goes into place. Next picture shows thepacker strip attached and it now gets a layer of contact put on to hold the Grosgrain strip in place. After this I allow the contact to dry for an hour or more. Next steps should be the finish off pictures.
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