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  2. black bridle belt, Beetroot Red stitching

    Thats what I was thinking! A lot of stitching for a single layer belt if it isn't! But I do like it. Black leather really allows you to show off a lot of different colors of thread if your customers are willing. YinTx
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  4. HD Heritage Bags...

    Those are really nice.
  5. Singer 153w Q's and motor stuff

    Brushes in a well designed motor don’t wear out like the brakes on your car, they last a long time and typically are easy to replace. I would put a much higher premium on reliability than on a perceived need to do periodic maintenance.
  6. Really Stupid Basic Question on Leather Types

    I can understand the wanting to fix up your stitching. But, for this particular piece, I don't see where it was needed. This was a very rustic cane and the wrap with the stitches, as well as the raw edges, complimented it perfectly. I think it looks awesome. As for burnishing oil tan, I've never used it. Give it a go on a piece of scrap.
  7. Hair-on Belt

    Great another thing for my wife to whine about lol the idea of hair on hide makes her skin crawl but I might have to get myself a hide and try it!!
  8. Distressed Holster - & story

    Interesting technique, Brooks125...thanks for sharing! Definitely something I'll be bookmarking for my trick-bag. Lots of different ways to skin a cat, 'eh?
  9. My very first Leatherwork - Part 2

    Nice sheath design. I agree with Vaelloc about the dye has depth to it. Beautify craftsmanship for a great looking blade...
  10. New guy from jersey

    Here is my 3rd project the first three I used craft aids to learn. Between the last one and this I downloaded a bunch of knife tutorials and did a lot of lessons. i then started some non craft aid designs. This is is my motorcycle club logo. It was very busy as a design I plan to visit this again once I have more experience. A couple of tattoo inspired designs I did.
  11. Second attempt at a holster

    Nice color and skull pattern effect ...I would be interested as to how you kept those separate...that part turned out great. So do your belt very first looked beaver-gnawed...nice punches weren't in the budget when I first started. I'm with Bolt...can't see what you're talking Give us some close-up pics of the edge work, please. Thanks! You might want to work on your stitch line in reference to its location from the needs to follow the contours of the handgun a little more closely...unless it is your intent for this slide to be for more than one pistol. Also, bringing the weapon up out of the slide holster a bit would give you a bit more gripping space than appears to exist currently and would get rid of that sweeping stitch line at the back near the trigger area. The way I see it, slide holsters are a mixed bag, opinion-wise. Some folks love 'em (low profile...especially if you have to take your weapon off for some silly can leave the low bulk slide on without drawing much looks more like just part of the belt than other holsters). Other folks are like "meh...take 'em or leave 'em". Still, others hate them because part of the slide/barrel sticks out below...they say this can cause the weapon to be pushed up and out of the security and safety of the holster (not a good thing). I've worn some before I started making holsters...made and sold a few since I started...seen many makers on here that I respect on both sides of the good points from both. TETO, I guess. Good luck to you...
  12. New guy from jersey

    Having difficulty with posting images
  13. Singer 153w Q's and motor stuff

    I appreciate that, however, if I get a servo motor I wanted it to be brushless so that I did not have to worry about changing brushes. Thank you for the offer though. Although, the circuit board burning concerns me. I will look around and see what I can find. Thanks for the help.
  14. New guy from jersey

    Here are the items I’ve made so far. This was the first thing I did
  15. If you’re going to have to pay someone to move it, they might as well move it in one piece. It looks top-heavy, like a lathe. A good many lathes have been wrecked by inexperienced people not understanding this fact and tipping them over. If it were me, I’d bolt it to a pallet and try and talk a friend into letting me store it in their garage. Maybe make ‘em some shoes. If it’s going to sit in an un-heated space for a long time unused, there is a product called Boeshield that was designed by Boeing to prevent rust on bare metal surfaces.
  16. Second attempt at a holster

    Gap? can you provide more info and pics of the issue?
  17. Thanks, Chief. I half considered using the pistol itself as a hammer when I was stamping the border on the front shield...just for kicks, you know...but didn't want to damage my tools or the Behr House Paints black finish on the pistol...although I probably have some Hi-Temp grill paint around here that would have worked for touch-up...I doubt he would have noticed.
  18. Two Tone Pancake style holster for Ruger LCR...will also fit a 2" J-frame and similar (a Taurus 94 9-shot 22lr shown in background)...finished out in natural over dark brown with brown and white stitching and a little bit of border stamping...concealed loops complete the "smooth" look. Not shown in these pics...I left the inside natural for contrast...harkening back to my cabinet-making days (I loathe dark stained cabinet interiors).
  19. Beautiful job Constabulary! I think you restored the machine to just the right degree. I especially like the bobbin boat and winder, not to mention that crazy hook mechanism. If that's the one that you're letting-go, you must have some very special machines. If I was a few thousand kilometers closer, I would definitely buy it. Gary
  20. HD Heritage Bags...

    Guess a link will have to do until I can figure out how to post pics.
  21. HD Heritage Bags...

    Obviously I still have to learn how to post pics here! LOL!
  22. HD Heritage Bags...

    A dog ate the bags off a friend of mine's Heritage. I rebuilt them...
  23. Second attempt at a holster

    I really like how this one turned out except for some splatter to the skull which I am actually leaving alone. What can I do to keep from getting a gap around the edge? I sand the edges down prior to burnishing but there always seems to still be a gap. Thanks.
  24. Putting rivets in middle of seam

    Couldn't you just make the strap that the loop is attached to long enough to go down inside the bag? Then it would be it's own reinforcement strap? You could also then use 2 rivets for extra strength.
  25. black bridle belt, Beetroot Red stitching

    I think it looks great @alpha2. Is it lined?
  26. Singer 97-10

    Moved to used sewing machines Tom
  27. black bridle belt, Beetroot Red stitching

    Nice contrast! And I think the 0.8mm works well
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