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  1. I have used Chicago screws, and metal weld ( you knead the two eliments together) let sit for a few days and it worked well for me...
  2. How about sending me a picture of the basket and the broken straps, then I'll let you know if I can replace for you. I am Stu's Leather Shop in Gainesville Florida, send to: sls905leather AT gmail DOT com
  3. I have a PFAFF 1245 for sale on eBay item number: 151958099170 take a look, it has pictures and all. Price is $1995.00. It is for pick up only in Gainesville Florida or will deliver within a 300 mile radius for $$300.00 which is negotiable depending on distance. Any questions give me a call Stu at 352-371-7550
  4. Thanks for the info, I love my Cowboy 3200...
  5. I just sent you an email, would like to purchase if you still have it...
  6. I got mine at Tandy Leather, they have them in stock all the time...
  7. I have a GA5-1R for $995.00 Has reverse, cylinder arm industrial heavy duty leather sewing machine, it will sew up to 3/4" of leather or about three layers of 9-10 oz. leather. There are a lot of extras that go with the machine, has servo motor variable, with a step down pulley to slow the machine down. This is a 441 clone style machine, it was gone over by Neel in Lima Ohio who sells the Cowboy 3200, it runs better than when it was new in January of 2014. I am Stu Kanofsky skanofsky@Hotmail.com 352-317-7034, if interested send me a e-mail and I will send you pictures of the machine and all the additional equipment that will go with it.
  8. Like you said, after I get a few hours on it, but so far it is great. One of the best lessons I learned on my trip to Ohio was the so called bonded nylon thread was not bonded, that makes a big difference. It is sewing great, you will be happy with it...
  9. I followed your advise; Just go back from Lima Ohio where I bought a Cowboy 3200 from Ryan Neel, from Neel's Saddlery ( 330-692-1418 ). It was a great pleasure for me to meet Ryan and get to know him, I spent about 6 hours learning about my new machine, and Ryan was a very good and patient person to show me the entire operation of the machine. I am glad I found someone who really knows these machines. I brought my GA5-1R that was having issues, and two repairmen in Florida were not able to fix. Ryan was able to fix and made it work better than when I first got it. His knowledge shines and he loves what he is doing, he is a perfectionist when it comes to getting it just right. About the Cowboy 3200, it is such an improvement over the GA5-1R and the price of $15.95.00, what can I say except the deal speaks for itself. The cowboy 3200 has everything a leather sewing machine needs. I would say if your looking for a good leather sewing machine, give Ryan a call and if you live near him stop in, and let him show you this machine, I don't live close but glad I made the trip.
  10. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me...
  11. OK thanks, that is a new one on me...have a great day
  12. Great info, will put it to good use, and thanks...
  13. Thank you Wizcrafts, I read a lot of your post, I do not do to much writing but do get in when I have a question. The Singer 29K4 has been motorized and thoughts on that, again thanks Stu...
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