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  1. Marcellus was unbelievably good. I've tried springfield leather, everything from Tandy (by far the worst), realeather.
  2. Remember when you could buy calfskin lace that want absolute garbage? It seems like every supplier I've tried since Marcellus in California doesn't care what they sell. Is there a supplier I have missed possibly that actually takes pride in what they sell? Thank you for any leads!
  3. Airbrush them with a few heavy wet coats. It just applies it much more evenly than the dauber.
  4. Thank you! I had no idea. That's interesting. I'll grab my new machine next week.
  5. I may try driving up there today if I can. We have been here nine years.
  6. I talked to Steve last week about picking up a new machine. I've been trying to reach them now for three days during business hours with no luck. I've even tried email. Super strange as they have always been super easy to contact. Anyone heard anything? Thanks!
  7. The Evapo-rust is sold at Harbor freight. You won't believe how good it works. Soak them in that and then a soft wire brush.
  8. I made one with an old craftsman table saw motor mounted on a Harbor freight stand. Drum sander on one shaft and a burnisher off eBay on the other side. Less than 100$ and it rules.
  9. Well if someone has a way to get her to answer emails I'd love to know what the deal is with mine and a few other customers projects. She sure won't answer our emails.
  10. I've bought things from her on ebay also with great results. But after this never again. I'm not the only one either. I even asked if she was too busy as I would look elsewhere. She asked me to send everything to her that it would be taken care of. All I did was waste a few months and get a few lies when I was able to get an answer. It's a shame. Sounds like at one point they were the go to place for this service.
  11. I need someone that can laser cut templates for me based off full scale drawings. I've tried black river laser and after waiting for months and very spotty communication I've come to realize it'll never happen. It's always "a few more days". Anyone else offer this service? Thanks duane@dbcustomleather.com
  12. I was able to reach her through eBay. Guess she's having email problems.
  13. Well I mailed all my drawings to her five weeks ago. Other than letting me know they arrived I can't get an answer on anything. I finally emailed asking if she can't get to it to please send my drawings back. Still no response.
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