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  1. Oxalic acid will should clean it off. It is in the cleaner barkeeper's friend. Typically when I work on a project that is tooled that I can't finish the same day, I keep it in the fridge in a plastic bag. There's probably some other solutions but it works for me.
  2. Samar, glad to see you back here again. As always, interesting and creative! Great job.
  3. Very nice. A lot of thought went into that.Thanks for sharing!
  4. plowboy73

    buckle catch

    Maybe try searching military buckles? Not if you mean the dress uniform style buckles.
  5. Your work is always so clean.. Gives me somthin to strive for.
  6. I don't think it will be your last! Nice start
  7. Thank you for your sharing of patterns... And advice. Helps us newbies out!
  8. Beautiful work. What an honor to be able to make a piece of art for a true patriot. Thanks for sharing
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