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  1. I've decided to invest in a skiving machine. I'd love to know how to pick one, what features to look for, what makers are better in terms of durability and ease of maintenance, and finally where to buy one. I primarily work on handbags, wallets and smaller accessories, generally with soft and medium tempered leather usually up to 5-6oz (2-2.4mm). I want to use the skiver for both edges and splitting leather for lining. I understand that a band splitter would be better for actual splitting, but it seems skiving machine would be more flexible and financially more attainable. I'm in the states. My budget is around $1500-2500, though I'm somewhat flexible. I've done some research already, thanks to a lot of posts on this forum. So far it seems I should be looking at bottom feed machines where bell knife has a constant speed and presser foot controllers the feeder roller. And one that has vacuum suction. What other features would be useful for me? Which machines have these functions? I would appreciate any help in picking one. It's a fairly large investment for me and I want to do it right.
  2. Je vous remercie bien, Dams! I actually found, what seems like, an original Blanchard catalog (one of the ones I posted in the original message). When Sheridan Leather company was closing, they had an auction. One of the things from their pictures was the framed catalog. I tracked down a person, who hosted the auction, bid and unexpectedly won it. I'm still very excited about that purchase. I originally thought I would scan it and post it online, but it came in professionally made frame, and I don't really want to open it up. Maybe eventually.
  3. I'm selling a vintage pricking wheel, 8spi (though you can put any size you want on it). I bought it in France. The shape is the same as the ones that were made by Blanchard, but the marking on this one says Lutz Par (for Lutz and Kremp, Paris saddlery tools company). It's in good vintage condition. Some surface pitting, but overall, pretty good - $100 (includes shipping to continental US). I'm also selling 2 Vergez-Blanchard edgers (size 0 and 1). I bought these new directly from VB, but use my Ron's edgers much more often. Both are in great condition. I polished them, so they are actually better than when they came from the manufacturer - $35 each or $60 for both. Both prices include shipping to continental US. Last item for sale is Blanchard manual edge creaser. Bought it from Fine Leatherworking couple of years ago, but since then I switched to electric creaser and don't use this one anymore - $40 (includes shipping to continental US). If you would like to send it somewhere beyond CONUS, send me a message and we'll work something out.
  4. mishkin

    Blanchard tools

    Just to update everyone. Both tools are sold.
  5. mishkin

    Blanchard tools

    Seems like I can't edit original post. Price drop on the pricking iron, now $130.
  6. mishkin

    Blanchard tools

    I'm selling some of my tools: 1. Vergez-Blanchard pricking wheel set. Included sizes are: 7, 8, 10, 12. - $150 2. Vergez-Blanchard adjustable edge creaser. - $45 (SOLD) Both tools are current, newer models. Both are like new. I used the pricking wheel with 10 spi twice. The other sizes are untouched. Thought I will be doing more curves, but I don't. I used edge creaser maybe a dozen times, but it looks like new. I bought these directly from Blanchard about 2 years ago and they have been sitting idle in my tool box all this time. I'm trying to fund some new tools, and decided to part with these. Prices include paypal fee and shipping cost to anywhere within continental US. If you are buying from outside the continental US, send me DM and I will quote you what USPS will charge. If you are in Boston area, we can meet in person and do transaction in cash.
  7. thefanninator, do you line the pockets as well? I've been trying to figure out how to line everything, but it seems like I would need to split everything down to about 0.5mm or 1oz. But maybe there's another way.
  8. Recently I've been coming across these old french rivet presses more and more often. Unfortunately, I have no idea if they can be functionally used in the workshop. Does anyone know if the modern dies fit those? Or would I need to find old ones to match the press? Thanks!
  9. mishkin

    Knife Shop

    Thanks, Art. I checked couple of the skiving knives that I have and both had 17.5 angle. No wonder I'm stropping all the time =)
  10. mishkin

    Knife Shop

    Art, thank you so much for posting this and opening the whole section in general. Do you know what are the most common angles for cutting tools in leatherworking? Round knives, skiving knives, french edgers, etc.
  11. I recently came across pictures of several large-scale catalogs/posters from Joseph Dixon and Blanchard. I'm trying to find reprints or electronic versions. This was posted by VEROworks on instagram. Apparently it came from a Vergez-Blanchard dealer. The other two I came across online. I asked about VEROworks about, but so far haven't heard back yet. Does anyone know where I can find reproductions of these? Thank you.
  12. I also recently came across this thread. Charlie thank you so much for sharing all the knowledge and showing such nice watch straps. Would you mind revealing how you create such fine creases on the edges of the straps?
  13. Thanks. Is there a way to smooth out bison hide to have smooth texture? I only need it on a a portion of a piece. So in that bag, for example, only half of the front will be pebbled, and the other half is smooth.
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