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  1. From what I read it's basically just a water reservoir. Acrylics wouldn't work to put inside it. As Mike said they would dry out. I would think dyes would do the same, and be a messy cleanup.
  2. Bodean

    New swivels

    Sanch you are the metal magician. Well done sir. Can you adjust the saddle height or are they fixed? Doesn't matter, just curious.
  3. Thanks for the video Mike. I too use the method you use to case. Glad to see I am not the only one. I am curious about what tool you use for the hand beveling?
  4. I don't. it doesn't make a difference in your situation any way. Just a suggestion. Take a small scrap piece of the leather you are using and test the dye out first before using it on your piece. It can give you an indication of how it will turn out ahead of time. We live and learn, lol.
  5. My guess is that leather had to have some sort of prevention of penetration of the dye. Such as it was oil tanned or treated withsome oil prior to dying. Plain ole veg tanned leather won't do that normally with black dye in my experience. I am not one to put neatsfoot oil on leather prior to dying. I treat the pieces after the dying process. I have had rub off with using black before, but not completely rubbing off. USMC is the worst at causing rub off in my experience. Some hides of veg tan do differently with black. Sometimes i get more rub off than I should with regular Pro Dye Fiebing's black, I will go over with Angelus jet black and it reduces it. Sometimes I have used Show Brown over black to reduce rub off during buffing. More info is need here from the OP to draw any more conclusions.
  6. Bodean


    That's really awesome. I did one a few months ago just to see if I could. It taught me some lessons. I don't have near the experience in leather you do, but I enjoy painting on leather. Hope you don't mind me showing you my attempt.
  7. Bodean


    A work of art. Very nice.
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