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  1. Exactly
  2. ByNelson

    Whats it all about for me.

    I really like the ones with the fishes, and what lovely color they all have. You did good
  3. Beautiful work
  4. I really like your bags, beautiful work lovely stitching.. machine?
  5. ByNelson

    Some more dog collars

    Looks nice and like the photos...!
  6. ByNelson

    The dogs needed new collars

    Thanks, I try to do well in my stitching Padding is made of 6mm Polyethylen foam wrapped in pigskin ...
  7. ByNelson

    The dogs needed new collars

    I'm surprised how easy it is so just do it
  8. ByNelson

    The dogs needed new collars

    1: I don't machine sewed anything, its sewn with my bare hands 2: I glued the padding to the pigskin and turned the ugliest side against the bag of the veg.. then I used an awl, to penetrate the veg and the pigskin... 3: And yes you are right... normally I would too.... but for the dog intended it doesn't matter cause they really don't pull and thought it looked nice... And thanks for making a comment, hope my answer helped!
  9. ByNelson

    Knife Sheath

    How come you didn't do the edges? Nice little project to practice on... I like the look of it, reminds me of my scout knife when I was little
  10. ByNelson

    My First Dog Collar

    Yeah the keeper is a really nice addition to the final product
  11. ByNelson

    My First Dog Collar

    Sometimes I do polyethyle foam as padding.... but I also really like them all natural like in the attached photo.
  12. ByNelson

    My First Dog Collar

    I use 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 (3,2 cm - 3,8cm) in my collars ... I use vag tan shoulder. Works great... I like your collar and nice stitching!
  13. ByNelson

    Couple of bits from me

    Ohhh i ment what thickness
  14. ByNelson

    Couple of bits from me

    What leather do you use for the leash? Beautiful work
  15. Looks really good! How did you do your edges?
  16. ByNelson


    Love them and nice color!
  17. ByNelson

    Standard sizes for making belts

    Hello... i'we been making a lot of belts lately ... and the 3most used sizes I had to do is 95 cm, 100 cm and 110 cm... I always ask for the length from buckle to normally used hole and full length of previous belt... that way I can make it fit...
  18. ByNelson

    Tour My Leather Shop! Video

    Can I be a long distance apprentice I would love to have a tutor, but they are really hard too find in Denmark Love your shop! Thanks for sharing
  19. ByNelson

    Hi from Alliston, Ontario

    Welcome I like your bag! You really got talent, if you only been at it from February... looking forward to see what else you come up with ... Greetings from Denmark - Sarah
  20. Thanks I love to read about the way things are made!
  21. ByNelson

    WALNUT shoes!

    Nice work... I like them a lot
  22. Beautiful stuff, can you tell a bit more about how it came together...?
  23. I loved your post, thanks for sharing... I think a post on how to identify good leather would be superb... one of the hardest thing to do, especially when you're a newbie thanks again!