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  1. That flag is really good. Great design and paint work!
  2. Here's some examples of stitching I just completed on some coasters. Two different coasters front and back. The two were stitched exactly the same except for thread size. The first is .8mm tiger thread and the second .6mm. Although I'm ok with the way the first one looks I thought it looked a little chunky and decided to try a smaller thread which I think looks much better. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. There's literally 100's of different ways to perform the saddle stitch....stitch towards, away, front first, back first, needle under, over, cast over, under.....etc. So I was having same issue, nice on back and kind of straight on front. Got tired of watching videos that for some reason didn't give the same results for me. So I went out to the shop and started stitching lines with different technique. Finally I got one that looks nice on both sides. It also has a lot to do with spacing, thread size, needle size, and holes. For this example I use a high quality angled pricking iron 3.38mm spacing and punched all the way through, .6mm tiger thread, no awl. Stitch towards me, angles are of course sloping down towards me, right hand side is front, front needle first, grab needle with back side needle and place it under front needle forming cross, push back needle through bottom of hole while holding the thread front and back to the up side of the hole, pull needle through (not all the way) and cast thread by grabbing the side of the loop closest to you and pulling it down under the needle and towards you and pull the needle the rest of the way through the loop. Hope you can follow, works for me. I can post a pic of stitching if needed.
  4. I think if you just want to target some areas I would use a resist then a paste antique.
  5. I know they're pricey but Barry King steep bevelers transformed my floral carving work. I've got both the steepest and next steep 3 widths each and I don't ever touch my old bevelers.
  6. I recently switched from Barge to Aquilim contact cement. So far so good. Nice not to have those fumes. And I also got a glue pot for the Aquilim which is working great.
  7. Excellent work! What is purpose of the larger keeper strap? Is it machine stitched?
  8. Looks good. I assume the paint is the pink and green over dyed red leather? Did you dye the brown first? Looks a little tedious. My eyes are getting old and when I paint I use my optivisors and small brushes....really helps.
  9. Chaps are really nice! So what do you use to draw your pattern onto the leather?
  10. That's a gorgeous scabbard. I recently purchased a Marlin model 95 45-70, I think it would fit perfectly. .....just sayin. The darker color I believe is caused by all the tooling, notice that's where it's at. All the cutting, pounding, beveling definitely changes the way the leather absorbs.
  11. "We" should exit the United nations, totally defund the WHO, strengthen our borders, bring back all medical manufacturing from China, increase tariffs on China, quit importing oil from the middle east, and tell Europe and the rest of the world to kiss our @#ss. There.......I'll sign that!
  12. Oh you're saying don't use background tools just paint those areas then the antique will wash off. Interesting, never thought of that. I'm trying to do both, drop and color the background. Here's a pic if a coaster I did and tried to use purple. It came out OK but the antique did darken it some.
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