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  1. Swivel knife cuts, then a little rounding of the cuts so they aren't sharp. The same thing you do to other types of figure carving. Then I antique dye the whole thing (saddle tan, I think) and then brush the black and red spirit dye on. The final finish is Kiwi neutral shoe wax. Hope this helps. Bob Stelmack Editor, RawHide Gazette www.pslac.org
  2. Before the LEATHERWORKER.NET system crash, I was looking for two issues of the Leather Crafter & Saddlers Journal: Jan/Feb 1991 and May/Jun 1991 I will buy or trade. Here are some that I have to trade: Make It With Leather Nov/1981 (Silver Anniversary Special) Make It With Leather Nov/1976 Make It With Leather Sep/1983 Make It With Leather Mar/1981 Make It With Leather May/1978 Make It With Leather Nov/1980 LC&SJ 10th Anniversary Special Bob Stelmack Editor, RawHide Gazette www.pslac.org
  3. Bill, I too have experimented with Northwest Coastal American Indian art work on leather. I would like to know what sources you used for the designs. And here are some of my work: Bob Stelmack Editor, RawHide Gazette www.pslac.org
  4. There is a stamping tooling database that you can access at: http://www.pslac.org/extras/extras.htm It is password protected since I haven't "hardened" the CGI scripts and hackers just love to cause me problems: UserID: guest Password: guest There are also a few other extras for PSLAC (Puget Sound Leather Artisans Coop). Hope it helps. Bob Stelmack Editor, RawHide Gazette www.pslac.org
  5. Hummmm, I think that Tandy's Doodle pages, as previously mentioned, like all orginal artwork are covered by copyright protection. Rather than trying to copy, buy or replicate those Doodle pages, I would rather see us create new Doodle like pages. Those pages could be like the Open Source software licenses allowing copying, modification as long as the original artist's name and comment are retained. Those Doodle pages were great, but it is time to create a new format. Change the name from "Doodle Pages" to something new (i.e. "e-Pages", "Maker Pages", "Show-and-Tell Pages", or whatever, and create a format and venue to post for electronic distribution. Anyone could use for any purpose--just like the Tandy pages. Get a few real teachers of the art (Peter Main, Chan Geer, Ron Ross, etc.) to make the first few and let others add what they can. Those pages could be used and modified and reposted as a dervative with the original artists license and the modifiers addtional license. I say, let's create something new. And if you want old Doodle Pages, buy, sell, or trade to get them. Bob Stelmack Editor, RawHide Gazette www.pslac.org
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