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    V gouge tool

    DaveP, did you ever fine a V gouge tool ? I've got a couple in the shop. I'll send you one, if you still need it.
  2. Mark842: @Mark842 If you see this post , could you give me a call (678/520-2695). JIm Weaver gave me 3 contacts to day to call to verify the reliability of the punch. I got 2 out of the 3 and both said they have had problems with the machine. I don't want to send it back but since you have not had any problems with the reliability of the machine I thought you might give me some pointers, adjustments, ect. Jim was totally surprised at the report I gave him . And we are both working together to fix the problems. Any help you could give us would be appreciated.l Thanks so much. Al
  3. No it's not doing what it's advertised to do. Jim Weaver made a couple of suggestions but everything seems to be tight. It will perform great and all of a sudden it will punch the first hole (of seven in a belt strap) at 1" and then punch a couple of holes at 7/8": while the setting is 3/4. It's not off by much but just enough to screw up the project. I'm going to give it another week and if we cannot find a fix - I'll just return it. I hate to do that , I like the machine and we really can use it but it has to be reliable. I would like to talk to someone who has the machine to make certain I'm not doing something wrong. Maybe, Jim can turn me on to someone. Anyway guys thanks for all the help.
  4. I'll call Jim Weaver again and see if there is a locking screw. Thanks all for your help.
  5. Mark842: Could I be doing something wrong. I like the punch but I do need reliability.
  6. Can anyone direct me to a company that offers a Rotary punch for leather. We purchased Weavers Rotary punch back in July. Something I've never liked to do is to bad mouth a product. But this is ridiculous. We spent $1800 on this punch. I like it, and we need it but all we are doing is throwing leather away because the punch is not consistent. You set it on 3/4 inch and 3 or 4 holes out of 7 will be correct. The others will be all over the board. I've talked to Jim Weaver (a very nice man) and we returned it so he could have a look at it. It came back with a note saying everything was working properly. Anyway enough is enough and I'll be asking for a refund. And i'll try to find a punch that is reliable. And suggestions would be welcome.
  8. What is the length on the tip and the buckle end before you start the taper? And do these measurements depend on the size of the belt or are they pretty much standard ? Al's out of pocket and we need to make one. Thanks for your help. David
  9. I do have the thinner an use it . I also use the hammer on the edges. We buy the Barge by the gal generally 2 to 3 cases at a time. Therefore it does set and I guess separate. But there is definitely two colors. One is a light brown/sand color and the other is black.. That was what I was talking about. Do you need to mix or stir in equal parts. Because it would be hard to stir in the gallon can. Anyway, Ill keep working with it and thanks guys.
  10. Rhale: mixing the contents is misleading. In a gallon of Barge there is a light color and a dark color of glue. Do these need to be mixed before use ? That would be hard to do in a gal. can and if you had to pour into a larger container to mix - would be alot of trouble..
  11. blue62, thanks for the help. Question: I noticed that there are two different colors of glue in a gallon can. Do you know if these need to be mixed together. I"m assuming one is a hardening agent.
  12. As the title says - my Barge cement is not sticking. I'm brushing on the cement, (evenly), making sure every area is covered. I do this to both straps. I let it dry until it turns color and then put the straps together, making sure the straps are firmly together. Hang them up over night to complete drying. The next day I'm finding the straps are not cemented together. Sometimes it's an 1/8 inch - other times it's 6 or 8 inches is not glued. I know, for a fact. that I covered the entire strap. Am I not mixing it properly out of the can ? I'm lost.
  13. Handstitched: Thanks for the information. Stay safe.
  14. ABC3

    Belt LIner

    It could be. Stay safe my friend.
  15. ABC3

    Belt LIner

    Dwight; I think you've read my notes.
  16. Can anyone tell me how to sew decorative stitching (sometimes called boot stitch) on a belt. Do you go by a pattern or just free hand. Thanks for your help.
  17. ABC3

    Tandy-Pro Embosser

    Northmount, thanks so much. I will edit and include all information. How do you edit the post ?
  18. ABC3

    Tandy-Pro Embosser

    We've had this in the shop for about 3 years and used as a back-up embosser. Used very little. Paid $790.00. asking $500.00 All spacers included. ( embossing wheels excluded.) 678/520-2695
  19. BentleyLeather: Where are you in GA. I'm in Gainesville. Mayb e we can get together and swap war stories.
  20. We've got that same press. Great machine and a heck of a price. It won't last long.
  21. Does anyone have any first hand experience with Weavers (Master Tools) Creaser Embosser ? Or can anyone recommend something better. We need an embosser and don't know which way to turn.We have used a Tandy Pro for the past 3 years (nuff said). Thanks in advance guys,
  22. James, what are you wanting to learn. Be specific.
  23. ABC3

    Horse hide

    K5HEP; thanks for the information. But are you sure that Zack White sells the entire butt or does he sell the scraps from other craftsmen. If he does sell the entire butt - it would be a great find for us. Let me know.
  24. ABC3

    Horse hide

    Does anyone know of a supplier of Horse Hide except Horweens in ORD ? Thanks for any help.
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