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  1. Howdy Folks. The subject of stitching horses has been beat to death, but I'm gonna through it out again. I'm looking for a set of plans to build a horse that I saw in an old post. This is the image of it: This is almost a twin to the horse my Grandfather taught me on in the late fifties. The posted image was noted to be from a Harness Maker's book, copyright 1929. I've searched and searched to no avail so thought I'd throw this out just in case someone could point me in the right direction. Be well all and thanks. BantOZ
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    Stitching Horse Plans

    Gentlemen, I cannot thank y'all enough. I should have registered on this forum long ago. Again, muchas gracias.
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    New From SE Georgia

    Howdy Folks! I'm, obviously, a new guy. Just wanted to briefly introduce myself. I'm a Vet and retired Federal law enforcement officer. I've never done any leather work to write home about, mostly sheaths, belts, etc. for myself and friends. I joined after finding a search for a stitching horse that led me to this sight. The one I'm interested in is almost identical to the one I learned things on. It was my Grandfathers, and is long since gone. Anyway, this is the one I referring to: The Gentleman that built and posted it (back in 2015, as I recall) made reference to the plans having been in a "Harness Makers" book with a copyright date of 1929. I've been beating my head against the wall trying to find the book, to no avail. Hopefully one of You Folks can point me in the right direction. Other than that, I'm looking forward to learning and interacting if I have something germane to say. BantOZ
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    New From SE Georgia

    Brunswick. Came here on a 3 year assignment. That was in 1988, Ya might say I like it . Cowhide, I've contemplated making a post to include the thread where I found the above pic. I have two issues about that; (1) some forums get a bit touchy when Folks drag up and old thread and (2) I really don't know which part of the forum to make the post in. Any thoughts? BantOZ