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  1. Uh-oh. that's soot. For less soot use a truncated nozzle and add a blower.
  2. Consider using a laser-friendly masking material that adheres to the surface of the leather before cutting. or.... Try adjusting the laser settings to find the right balance between cutting through the leather and minimizing charring. Lowering the power and increasing the speed of the laser might help reduce charring while still achieving a clean cut.
  3. This yellow leather is called 'natural leather'. It was widely used for crafts, artwork and kits in the 70s and 80s. It usually has a rich yellow colour and is made from sheep skin.
  4. Look. There are a CO2 machines for cutting leather cheaper than $1500. Find on this website 0203 machine. This is compact desktop micro machine is designed for long works and continuous operations. I have had the experience of working on such a machine. this miracle little machine surprised me. a small machine, but powerful enough for long hours of work.
  5. When I was a kid, my father had such an instrument with a "sprocket". I always wondered what this beautiful joke was for. nostalgia...
  6. If interested, I can share my experience with a good CO2 laser machine and laser marker.
  7. For my part, I can offer what I myself have tried. I bought a laser marker and do custom engraving on leather goods. 1. they become unique. 2. you fulfill the wishes of the customer. 3. the product grows in value.
  8. Instagram/FB/Tumbler could be a great thing for you to start you business. You can write articles and then sell your product. Moreover, I suggest to you get a great laser cutting and engraving machine.
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