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  1. Actually, the second one is a Champion 3-in-1, which is a skiver, and sole cutter. supposedly you can split narrow peices of leather with it too. Landis 3 is a hook and awl harness stitcher.
  2. Where did this saddle come from? I used to have one on display when I had my shop in Rapid City SD. It was a 1932 and was in 95% condition. It sold at auction several years ago (4 I think). At the time I thought it was one of the best saddles I had ever seen. The leather was the best I have ever seen in a saddle and the workmanship was extra fine. I have never seen another Heiser of that quality. I bought it for the owner out of Maine. At one time the owner turned down well over $1000.00 for it.
  3. WTB a new blade for 6" dixon splitter. I have an 8 inch I would trade straight across. Thanks. Ken
  4. A number of years ago someone was building a bench lace tool something like a Hansen, but built out of aluminum. It did not have a name on it, used a utility blade on the cutter and come a little rough. They were inexpensive but did a really good job cutting, beveling and splitting strings. I had one but someone got off with it and I would sure like to find another one. Does anyone know who built it? I got the one I used to have about 12 or 13 years ago from Hadlock Fox but no none there knows anything about it now. Thanks Ken
  5. It depends on what this saddle needs to put it in the condition you want it to be in. I may be a professional clean and oil and some very minor repairs or it could be major repairs. Up here, around $250.00 would be a very good price in using condition. First thing you need to do is have the tree checked to see if it is broken and then have a competent saddle maker or at least repairman look it over closely and give you a price to put it in shape. Those older Tex Tans were usable saddles but not top end saddles by any means. HTH
  6. Wahlsall, in Arizona, or Panhandle Leather in Amarillo TX. Walsall used to be cheaper than Weaver. $50.00 order or more last time I ordered. don't know if they have it but that is where I would try first.
  7. I am thinking a pull through will be more satisfactory, I am sure you can sell the crank skiver and get a very good pull through without much boot. Those crank skivers are sought after by saddlemakers. I have one but have never used it for splitting. I think the adjusting for different thicknesses would be a time consuming ordeal. I use a Heritage pull through and have had it for at least 18 years. Does a good job. I have a Dixon that is loaned out right now that does a good job especially on lap skives. Heritage is good on laps as well. I use a Landis 30 crank splitter a lot and have a Weaver crank splitter that I don't use much. For straps, I prefer the pull through splitters but that is just me. I have been thinking about selling the weaver crank splitter. I bought the Weaver (8") for leveling cantle binders and that is about all I have used it for.
  8. I believe what you have there is a crank skiver.
  9. If you call Panhandle leather in Amarillo, I bet they can get you a side of harness that you can get some 9 ft. reins out of. It will be expensive but very good and very heavy. Be sure to put the bit end on the butt and the tail on the neck. I used to carry a few pair of 9 ft when I had a shop in Rapid City but didn't get much call for them. Panhandle carries HO harness and is some really good stuff.
  10. I used to have a Luberto's Classic that would sew an honest inch of skirting leather. I wish I had not sold it. Wonderful machine and simple.
  11. I am interested in looking for resources for learning to do upholstery work. I have no interest in driving 50 miles to night classes in the winter-to classes not recommended by local upholstery shops. Local shops will not do classes due to past poor experiences., I understand that. Any help will be appreciated. Ken
  12. Have you sewn this machine off.  Shipping to South Dakota USA  57382.  Might be interested, depending on shipping.  Thanks   Ken

    1. Sonydaze


      Hi Ken, I have someone coming to look at it tomorrow.  If they do not purchase it, I'll figure out weights and shipping.




    2. Sonydaze


      Hi Ken,

      Fedex says it will be right around $120 for shipping.

      Let me know if that works for you?




    3. Ken Nelson

      Ken Nelson

      Let me think about it.  Thanks  Ken

  13. If anyone aspiring to become a competent saddle maker can, he or she should attend this seminar if at all possible. Not often does the opportunity to study under a legend become available. The price is very reasonable.
  14. Adjusts the pressure on your presser foot, and it will affect the pressure needed to raise and lower said presser foot. HTH Ken
  15. I use 794S needles on my Cobra Class 4. If you don't have a really good operators manual with this machine, I would suggest you go to the Artisan site and pull down the manual for the Toro series machines. It is really good and is way more indepth than most of the 441 manuals. I used to trade on used sewing machines a little. I only bought one from individuals that sewed when it come into the shop. None of them took any parts, just a lot of adjusting and I got lucky there. I have seen some that were so worn out it cost more for parts than the machine was worth. Learning how to adjust these machines is part of learning how to sew. Do not let it scare you. It is not rocket science and there is a lot of help available. A really good manual or mechanics video is worth a lot. HTH's Ken