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    Making scrap outta perfectly good pieces (sigh)
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  1. AB, That is the very best artwork I've EVER seen on leather! That is a very cute cub look'n at some'n! Just mazing.. Thank you for sharing with us. I am better for it! Ha!
  2. Frodo, Thanks for sharing this tool idea.
  3. THAT was very informative. Thank you for explaining this so very well. Ryan
  4. Okay, I was curious so I looked this tool up, and it is BEAUTIFUL!! WOW.... Now I want one! Ha
  5. OMG! That is FANTASTIC!! GREAT work.
  6. DF, You are an INCREDIBLE artist! Great great great job!!! I quit! ha! Thank you for sharing.
  7. super nice work! question: What is the thickness of the pieces?
  8. Really beautiful. (I think I will sell all of my leather working tools now. I am not worthy.!) Hahaha Your work INSPIRES me! Thank you for sharing.
  9. GREAT JOB! I bought some videos on making shoes, but I'm still too chicken!! hahaah
  10. THAT is a great bag! Very cool! Thank you for sharing. I have been wanting to make a stout work bag, and it inspiring to SEE one!
  11. Josh you are a true artist. Diddo on the stitching too. Thank you for posting
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