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  1. I got it from Ohio Travel Bag Co. It was $ 6.95 called a swivel clip #L-3401-NP I believe Springfield Leather also has them. They are about the same price.
  2. I put it together yesterday. I used the same clip you have above. Thank you for your help. I purchased the clip for $ 6 it works great. I put a strap on the front of the holster, I am not sure if you can see it. You can clip the pinpointer holster to the digger holster or if you like, put it on your belt separately. Please forgive my stiching , got sloppy. Thank you all. Jim
  3. Hi Johanna,

    I need an outlet to sell my belts and small cases. I was only selling my belts to the two clubs that I belong to. I ran out of people. Can you tell me the best way to sell ? I don't know how to go about setting up a web site.


  4. club49


    Hi RaySouth, What do you have left?
  5. Hi Bikermutt07, That is what the D-ring on front of the pinpointer is for, you hook the lanyard to the D-Ring then to your belt, so you don't lose it. He wants the pinpointer holster mounted to the digging tool holster. He told me to put it on an angle, so you can draw it out without hitting the digging tool. I can do that, but it looks bad. I figured if I had a fastener that could swivel it would look better and could clear the digging tool. I for one don't feel it necessary to do that because most of the time, you use the digger before you use the pinpointer. That is what he wants. Thank you for the feedback. Jimmy
  6. Hi All, A friend of mine wants me to make him a holster for his metal detecting digging tool and his pin pointer. I inserted a picture of a pin point holster. The problem that I have is, He wants me to mount the pinpoint holster on top of the digging tool holster. If I do that, he wouldn't be able to remove the pinpointer without hitting the crossbar of the digging tool. I figured the best way to do it is with some hardware that would allow the pinpoint holster to swivel so he can pull it out with out hitting the digging tool. The only hardware I saw that swivels has a belt clip on it. Can someone give me some feedback on how I might go about doing this? Thank you all. Jim
  7. Thank you all. I did phone Bob, I have a stamp on order. The wait is a year. I must say, that the phone conversation is one that I will never forget. He is a very nice gentleman. He gave me the whole rundown of what he was going to make for me. He is doing a design that I described to him over the phone. I have no idea what it will look like LOL. I loved talking to that man, he is a character I will not likley forget soon. If I lived in the area where he has shows ,I would go. Jim
  8. club49


    Nice, who makes them?
  9. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your work. You give me the courage to attempt my firat wallet. I have different templates, not sure how to go about it. I will give it a try. Jim
  10. I used the Angelus white acrylic paint with an air brush. It took 2 coats, it came out good. I don't have a picture of the white one, this is the beige one . It is the same paint from Agelius.
  11. I agree with you Bariqua. I really like the colors that I tried from Angelus. I tried the Army Tan and Brandy dyes. I also tryed their acrylic paint, white and beige. I use an air brush with all their colors. The one thing that I really like is that you don't have to rub off the pigment for an hour. I had very little dye come off when I rubbed . I also like the fact that you can see the grain of the leather. The acrylic paint is great, I had no problem with the air brush clogging. The coverage with the white was great with 2 coats. Sorry I don't have any photos. Clean up with soap and water. I want to try more colors, really nice product. Jim
  12. I found the seller his ebay name is bsktcas and I paid 35 dollars for a 43 inch skin. His skins a tanned perfect.best price I know of.

  13. Im on vacation but when I get a chance I'll tell you which ebay seller to get your skin, I pay about 30 for a 35 inch skin which is 4 inches wide. 

  14. Give them a call, I forgot the name of the person who I spoke to on the phone. He was very informative. I never asked about pro dye sorry.
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