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  1. Hi Dwight, I haven't been on here for awhile how are you doing way over there, ? I'm going to try andmake a reusable leather bag to bring groceries home in so we don't have to use plastic bags. What weight and type of leather would you reccomend  ? I'm planning on buying a used sewing machine to be able to sew all weights of leather , again , what would you reccomend ?

    1. Dwight


      Good morning, thanks for asking, . . . my standard answer is "nobody shot at me today, if they did, they missed", . . . which means I'm doing fine for an old geezer.  Welcome back to the wonderful world of leather work.  

      For the bag, . . . check with Tandy on some "milled vegetable tanned" leather.  It is soft and pliable like cloth, . . . yet you can stamp decorations on it if you want, . . . sews fairly easily, . . . and is not heavy.  I would sew a regular veggie tan lip up around the top which will aid in keeping it open and easier to use than say a canvas bag.  Also make a solid veg tan bottom, use some heavier leather there as the bottom gets all the work out.

      If you want to sew holsters, belts, sheaths, . . . etc. a Tippmann Boss is a good choice, and is what I use, . . . but it is all hand operated and can be a pain when it wants to be contrary.

      If I had it all to do over, . . . I might get an electric machine.

      May God bless,


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